Series: Developments in Neuroethics and Bioethics

Developments in Neuroethics and Bioethics is a brand-new series, developed with the aim of addressing developments in neuroethics and connected topics in biomedical ethics, and responding to the need for a comprehensive review publication addressing contemporary aspects of neuroethics and the broader biomedical challenges in the field. Such texts and comprehensive sources of information are still rare as neuroethics is a relatively new discipline.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the serial will focus on the ethical, legal and social challenges generated by developments in neuroscience, as well as associated broader and intersecting bioethical concerns. Each thematic volume is edited by leading neuroscience and bioethics subject experts, providing authoritative review articles on key issues in the field. Volumes will be specifically designed to ensure the reader is equipped with in-depth overviews of latest topic developments and future directions. In addition, the serial will also provide a forum for emerging leaders in the field and will offer critical exploration of dynamic topic themes. This is a key reference for interdisciplinary scholars in research, policy-makers, educators, students, and practitioners in the fields of public mental health and pain research, treatment, and management, among other neuroethics and bioethics disciplines. It should be appealing to those interested in issues ranging from basic science to the humanities, or those involved in related disciplines such as bioethics and psychiatry.

Book Series: Ethical Dimensions of Commercial and DIY Neurotechnologies

Most recent volume

Volume 3. Ethical Dimensions of Commercial and DIY Neurotechnologies

Published: 20th April 2020 Serial Volume Editors: Imre Bárd Elisabeth Hildt

Ethical Dimensions of Commercial and DIY Neurotechnologies Volume Three, the latest release in the Developments in Neuroethics and Bioethics series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on timely topics surrounding neuroethics and bioethics. Each chapter is written by an international board of authors.

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Mental Health as Public Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Ethics of Prevention

Published: 23rd September 2019 Serial Volume Editors: Kelso Cratsley Jennifer Radden

Volume 1. Pain Neuroethics and Bioethics

Published: 1st October 2018 Serial Volume Editors: Daniel Buchman Karen Davis