Series: Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry

Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry presents the basic principles, recent developments and important applications of analytical chemistry. The volumes in this series discuss in depth topics regarding experimental phenomena, major advances, experimental approaches, essential instrumental methods, theoretical strategies and important applications within the field. The comprehensive coverage of this series also generates a broad appeal for graduate students and researchers in academia and industry. For more information about the series or to submit a proposal, please contact the Series Editor or the Acquisitions Editor, Susan Dennis at

Most recent volume

Volume 79. Advances in the Use of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) : Instrumentation Developments and Application

Additional volumes

Volume 76. Green Extraction Techniques: Principles, Advances and Applications

Editors: Alejandro Cifuentes Elena Ibanez

Volume 75. Characterization and Analysis of Microplastics

Published: 1st June 2017

Volume 74. Biosensors for Sustainable Food - New Opportunities and Technical Challenges

Published: 1st September 2016

Volume 73. The Quality of Air

Published: 1st August 2016

Volume 72. Rapid Immunotests for Clinical, Food and Environmental Applications

Published: 22nd June 2016

Volume 71. Applications of Time-of-Flight and Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry in Environmental, Food, Doping, and Forensic Analysis

Published: 1st June 2016

Volume 70. Monitoring of Air Pollutants

Published: 26th November 2015

Volume 69. Chemical Imaging Analysis

Published: 1st June 2015 Editors: Freddy Adams Carlo Barbante

Volume 68. Advanced Mass Spectrometry for Food Safety and Quality

Published: 1st May 2015

Volume 67. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs): Analytical Techniques, Environmental Fate and Biological Effects

Published: 1st March 2015

Volume 66. Gold Nanoparticles in Analytical Chemistry

Published: 21st October 2014

Volume 65. Analysis of Marine Samples in Search of Bioactive Compounds

Published: 29th August 2014

Volume II A. Electrical Methods: Physical Separation Methods

Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 64. Applications of Advanced Omics Technologies: From Genes to Metabolites

Published: 4th June 2014

Volume 63. Fundamentals of Advanced Omics Technologies: From Genes to Metabolites

Published: 15th November 2008

Volume 62. Analysis, Removal, Effects and Risk of Pharmaceuticals in the Water Cycle

Published: 3rd September 2007

Volume 61. Advanced Techniques in Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS-MS and GC-TOF-MS) for Environmental Chemistry

Published: 23rd October 2013

Volume 60. Food Protected Designation of Origin

Published: 1st July 2013

Volume 59. Analysis and Risk of Nanomaterials in Environmental and Food Samples

Published: 31st August 2012 Editors: Marinella Farré Damia Barcelo

Volume 58. TOF-MS within Food and Environmental Analysis

Published: 2nd August 2012 Editors: Amadeo Rodriguez Fernandez-Alba

Volume 57. Green Analytical Chemistry

Published: 27th October 2010 Editors: Miguel de la Guardia Sergio Armenta

Volume 56. Hypercrosslinked Polymeric Networks and Adsorbing Materials

Published: 6th October 2010 Editors: Maria Tsyurupa Vadim Davankov

Volume 55. Comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography

Published: 22nd July 2009 Editors: Lourdes Ramos

Volume 54. Advances in Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques

Published: 15th November 2008

Volume 53. Molecular Characterization and Analysis of Polymers

Published: 24th October 2008 Editors: John Chalmers Robert Meier

Volume 52. Protein Mass Spectrometry

Published: 2nd September 2008 Editors: Julian Whitelegge

Volume 51. Food Contaminants and Residue Analysis

Published: 28th July 2008 Editors: Yolanda Picó

Volume 49. Elsevier Direct Companion Website Electrochemical Sensor Analysis

Editors: Salvador Alegret Arben Merkoci

Volume 49. Electrochemical Sensor Analysis

Published: 5th September 2007 Editors: Salvador Alegret Arben Merkoci

Volume 49. Electrochemical Sensor Analysis - CD-ROM

Published: 3rd August 2007 Editors: Salvador Alegret Arben Merkoci

Volume 48. Passive Sampling Techniques in Environmental Monitoring

Published: 10th May 2007 Editors: Richard Greenwood Bran Vrana Graham Mills

Volume 47. Modern Instrumental Analysis

Published: 17th October 2006 Editors: Satinder Ahuja Neil Jespersen

Volume 46. Proteomics and Peptidomics

Published: 16th December 2005 Editors: Gyorgy Marko-Varga

Volume 45. Analysis and Detection by Capillary Electrophoresis

Published: 6th September 2005 Editors: Miguel Valcárcel Angel Ríos Maria Luisa Marina

Volume 44. Biosensors and Modern Biospecific Analytical Techniques

Published: 2nd April 2005 Editors: L. Gorton

Volume 43. Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric Food Analysis for Trace Determination of Pesticide Residues

Published: 11th December 2004 Editors: A.R. Fernandez Alba

Volume 42. Non-destructive Micro Analysis of Cultural Heritage Materials

Published: 26th November 2004 Editors: K. Janssens R. Van Grieken

Volume 41. Sample Preparation for Trace Element Analysis

Published: 16th December 2003 Editors: Ralph Sturgeon Zoltan Mester

Volume 40. Analysis and Fate of Surfactants in the Aquatic Environment

Published: 22nd August 2003 Editors: Thomas Knepper Pim de Voogt Damia Barcelo

Volume 39. Integrated Analytical Systems

Published: 19th June 2003 Editors: Salvador Alegret

Volume 38. Countercurrent Chromatography

Published: 10th October 2002 Editors: A. Berthod

Volume 37. Sampling and Sample Preparation in Field and Laboratory

Published: 9th September 2002 Editors: Janusz Pawliszyn

Volume 37. Sampling and Sample Preparation in Field and Laboratory

Editors: Janusz Pawliszyn

Volume 36. Chemical Test Methods of Analysis

Published: 15th March 2002 Editors: Ivanov Zolotov Amelin

Volume 35. Modern Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Published: 26th October 2001 Editors: Y. Ozaki V.G. Gregoriou A.A. Christy

Volume 34. Discrete Sample Introduction Techniques for Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Published: 12th December 2000 Editors: D.C. Grégoire V. Karanassios D. Beauchemin T.J. Wood D. Günther Jean-Michel Mermet

Volume 33. Elemental Speciation

Published: 12th December 2000 Editors: K.L. Sutton J.A. Caruso K.L. Ackley

Volume 32. Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Published: 13th April 1999 Editors: D. Pérez-Bendito S. Rubio

Volume 31. Surfactants in Analytical Chemistry

Published: 9th August 1996 Editors: E. Pramauro E. Pelizzetti

Volume 30. Spectrochemical Trace Analysis for Metals and Metalloids

Published: 9th May 1996 Editors: R. Lobinski Z. Marczenko

Volume 29. Chemiluminescence Immunoassay

Published: 4th December 1991 Editors: I. Weeks

Volume 28. Analysis of Substances in the Gaseous Phase

Published: 6th November 1991 Editors: L. Feltl E. Smolkova-Keulemansova

Volume 27. Analytical Voltammetry

Published: 17th January 1992 Editors: M.R. Smyth J.G. Vos

Volume 26. Radionuclide X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis with Environmental Application

Published: 2nd November 1990 Editors: J. Tölgyessy E. Havránek E. Dejmková

Volume 25. Preconcentration of Trace Elements

Published: 2nd May 1990 Editors: N.M. Kuz'min Yu.A. Zolotov

Volume 24. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: B. Dziunikowski

Volume 23. Analytical and Biomedical Applications of Ion-Selective Field-Effect Transistors

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: P. Bergveld A. Sibbald

Volume 22. Titrimetric Analysis in Organic Solvents

Published: 1st January 1987 Editors: L. Safarík Z. Stránský

Volume 21. New Developments in Conductimetric and Oscillometric Analysis

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: O. Klug B.A. Lopatin

Volume 20. Photometric Methods in Inorganic Trace Analysis

Published: 1st March 1985 Editors: E. Upor M. Mohai G. Novák

Volume 19. Analytical Visible and Ultraviolet Spectrometry

Published: 1st July 1985 Editors: E. Wietska K. Gorczynska T. Nowicka-Jankowska A. Michalik

Volume 18. Kinetic Methods in Chemical Analysis. Application of Computers in Analytical Chemistry

Published: 1st March 1983 Editors: M. Kopanica V. Stará K. Eckschlager

Volume 17. Gas and Liquid Analyzers

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: J. Vána

Volume 16. Chemical Microscopy. Thermomicroscopy of Organic Compounds

Published: 1st July 1982 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 15. Methods of Organic Analysis

Published: 1st June 1983 Editors: G. Svehla L. Mázor

Volume 14. Ion Exchangers in Analytical Chemistry

Published: 1st September 1982 Editors: G. Svehla M. Marhol

Volume 13B. Group Analysis and Detailed Analysis

Published: 1st December 1981 Editors: Author Unknown

Volume 13A. Separation Methods

Published: 1st December 1981 Editors: Author Unknown

Volume 12E. Thermal Analysis Part E

Published: 10th September 1990 Editors: L'. Kubicár

Volume 12D. Thermal Analysis Part D

Published: 1st April 1984 Editors: Jaroslav Sestak

Volume 12C. Emanation Thermal Analysis and Other Radiometric Emanation Methods

Published: 1st January 1984 Editors: G. Svehla V. Balek J. Tölgyessy

Volume 12B. Thermal Analysis

Published: 1st March 1982 Editors: N.D. Jespersen

Volume 12A. Thermal Analysis Part A

Published: 1st January 1981 Editors: J. Paulik F. Paulik

Volume 11. The Application of Mathematical Statistics in Analytical Chemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Ion Selective Electrodes

Published: 1st January 1981 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 10. Organic Spot Test Analysis: The History of Analytical Chemistry

Published: 1st January 1980 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 9. Ultraviolet Photoelectron and Photoion Spectroscopy, Auger Electron Spectroscopy, Plasma Excitation in Spectrochemical Analysis

Published: 1st January 1979 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 8. Enzyme Electrodes in Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Photometric Titrations, Analytical Applications of Interferometry

Published: 1st January 1977 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 7. Thermal Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Substoichiometric Analytical Methods

Published: 1st January 1976 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 6. Analytical Infrared Spectroscopy

Published: 1st January 1976 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 5. Emission Spectroscopy, Analytical Microwave Spectroscopy, Analytical Applications of Electron Microscopy

Published: 1st January 1975 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 4. Instrumentation for Spectroscopy, Analytical Atomic Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

Published: 1st January 1975 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 3. Elemental Analysis with Minute Samples, Standards and Standardization

Published: 1st January 1974 Editors: G. Svehla

Volume 2D. Coulometric Analysis

Published: 1st January 1975 Editors: E. Bishop

Volume 2C. Paper Chromatography and Thin-Layer Chromatography, Radiochemical Methods of Analysis, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Spin Resonance Methods, X-Ray Spectrometry

Published: 1st January 1971 Editors: Author Unknown

Volume 2B. Liquid Chromatography in Columns, Gas Chromatography, Ion Exchangers, Distillation

Published: 1st January 1968 Editors: Author Unknown

Volume 2A. Electrochemical Analysis, Electrodeposition, Potentiometric Titrations, Conductometric Titrations, High Frequency Conductometric (Impedimetric) Titrations

Published: 1st January 1964 Editors: Author Unknown

Volume 1. Classical Analysis Part B

Published: 1st January 1978 Editors: C. Wilson

Volume 1. Classical Analysis Part C

Published: 1st January 1962 Editors: C. Wilson

Volume 1. Classical Analysis Part A

Published: 1st January 1959 Editors: C. Wilson