Series: Advances in Transport Policy and Planning

Advances in Transport Policy and Planning is the first comprehensive review publication addressing broad aspects of transportation policy, planning, and management. There are a selection of policy-relevant books on the market, but these do not cover the same wide-range of trends, innovative policies and planning concepts or evaluation perspectives.  Volumes in the serial will present and evaluate contemporary transport planning and policy outcomes, as well as address innovations in the transport system and global trends relevant to the field, providing authoritative review articles on key issues. Edited by leading subject experts, volumes are designed as in-depth overviews of latest topic developments, evaluating contemporary transport policies and planning, as well as analyzing future trends and implications, including sustainability.  This serial covers a wide range of topics such as the outcomes and effects of the transport system, safety, accessibility planning, transport and health, climate change and policy, sustainability, innovations in transport policies across the world, collaboration between the public and the private sector, the growing impact of ICT on activities and travel behaviour, and upcoming transport modes and vehicle technologies, among other topics.

Furthermore, it is important to publish this work due to the rapidly changing context of planning and policy making. This is a hugely contemporary and interdisciplinary area that covers financial, environmental, and political concerns, intersecting a number of important global trends, including population decline in many regions and countries, raising a series of new challenges for transport planning and policy makers. Providing uniquely comprehensive insights and analysis addressing fast-paced and developing subject areas from an international and interdisciplinary perspective, this series is ideal reading for university faculty, researchers and students interested or involved in the field, as well as policy-makers and industry professionals.

Book Series: New Methods, Reflections and Application Domains in Transport Appraisal

Most recent volume

Volume 7. New Methods, Reflections and Application Domains in Transport Appraisal

Published: 1st April 2021 Serial Volume Editor: Niek Mouter
New Methods, Reflections and Application Domains in Transport Appraisal, Volume 7 in the Advances in Transport Policy and Planning series, assesses both successful and unsuccessful practices and policies from around the world. Chapters in this new release include Evaluating transport equity, Participatory Value Evaluation, Sustainability assessment of transport policies, plans and projects, Deliberative appraisal methods, Appraisal methods of public transport projects, Appraisal of cycling and pedestrian projects, Appraisal of Freight Project, Project appraisal methods: tools for optimizing or for informed political debate?, and Research agenda for appraisal methods.

Additional volumes

Volume 6. Standard Transport Appraisal Methods

Published: 6th November 2020 Serial Volume Editor: Niek Mouter

Volume 5. Policy Implications of Autonomous Vehicles

Published: 24th July 2020 Serial Volume Editors: Dimitris Milakis Nikolas Thomopoulos Bert van Wee

Volume 4. The Sharing Economy and the Relevance for Transport

Published: 4th November 2019 Serial Volume Editor: Elliot Fishman

Volume 3. The Evolving Impacts of ICT on Activities and Travel Behavior

Published: 12th September 2019 Serial Volume Editor: Eran Ben-Elia

Volume 2. Population Loss: The Role of Transportation and Other Issues

Published: 2nd November 2018 Serial Volume Editors: Rachel S. Franklin Eveline S. van Leeuwen Antonio Paez

Volume 1. Preparing for the New Era of Transport Policies: Learning from Experience

Published: 12th September 2018 Serial Volume Editors: Yoram Shiftan Maria Kamargianni