Series: Advances in Psychology

Human Learning: Biology, Brain, and Neuroscience

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Volume 139. Human Learning: Biology, Brain, and Neuroscience

Published: 15th August 2008 Editors: Bruce Etnyre J. Steven de Belle Thad Polk Aaron Benjamin
Human learning is studied in a variety of ways. Motor learning is often studied separately from verbal learning. Studies may delve into anatomy vs function, may view behavioral outcomes or look discretely at the molecular and cellular level of learning. All have merit but they are dispersed across a wide literature and rarely are the findings integrated and synthesized in a meaningful way. Human Learning: Biology, Brain, and Neuroscience synthesizes findings across these levels and types of learning and memory investigation. Divided into three sections, each section includes a discussion by the editors integrating themes and ideas that emerge across the chapters within each section. Section 1 discusses general topics in human learning and cognition research, including inhibition, short term and long term memory, verbal memory, memory disruption, and scheduling and learning. Section 2 discusses cognitive neuroscience aspects of human learning. Coverage here includes models, skill acquisition, declarative and non declarative memory, age effects on memory, and memory for emotional events. Section 3 focuses on human motor learning. This book is suitable for cognitive neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, kinesthesiologists, and graduate courses in learning.

Additional volumes

Volume 138. Mental Models and the Mind

Published: 11th January 2006 Editors: Gottfried Vosgerau Carsten Held Markus Knauff

Volume 137. Morality in Context

Published: 25th July 2005 Editors: Gertrud Nunner-Winkler Wolfgang Edelstein

Volume 136. Defense Mechanisms

Published: 12th June 2004 Editors: Uwe Hentschel Gudmund Smith Wolfram Ehlers Juris G Draguns

Volume 135. Time-to-Contact

Published: 6th May 2004 Editors: Heiko Hecht Geert Savelsbergh

Volume 134. Bilingual Sentence Processing

Published: 25th July 2002 Editors: Roberto Heredia J. Altarriba

Volume 133. Attraction, Distraction and Action

Published: 30th November 2001 Editors: Bradley Gibson Charles Folk

Volume 132. A Psychological Approach to Ethical Reality

Published: 16th November 2000 Editors: K. Hillner

Volume 131. Motivational Psychology of Human Development

Published: 15th September 2000 Editors: J. Heckhausen

Volume 130. From Fragments to Objects

Published: 30th November 2001 Editors: Philip J. Kellman Thomas F. Shipley

Volume 129. Cognitive Contributions to the Perception of Spatial and Temporal Events

Published: 18th November 1999 Editors: G. Aschersleben T. Bachmann J. Müsseler

Volume 128. Mental Models in Discourse Processing and Reasoning

Published: 29th October 1999 Editors: C. Habel G. Rickheit

Volume 127. Neural Aspects of Tactile Sensation

Published: 9th July 1998 Editors: J.W. Morley

Volume 126. System Theories and A Priori Aspects of Perception

Published: 21st April 1998 Editors: J.S. Jordan

Volume 125. The Other Side of the Error Term

Published: 23rd April 1998 Editors: N. Raz

Volume 124. Cognitive Science Perspectives on Personality and Emotion

Published: 11th December 1997 Editors: G. Matthews

Volume 123. Cerebral Asymmetries in Sensory and Perceptual Processing

Published: 11th December 1997 Editors: S. Christman

Volume 122. Problem of Meaning Behavioural and Cognitive Perspectives

Published: 26th September 1997 Editors: C. Mandell A. McCabe

Volume 121. Neural Network Models of Cognition

Published: 26th September 1997 Editors: V.P. Dorsel J.W. Donahoe

Volume 120. Time and Behaviour

Published: 18th June 1997 Editors: E. Szabadi C.M. Bradshaw

Volume 119. Self-Organization, Computational Maps, and Motor Control

Published: 19th March 1997 Editors: P.G. Morasso V. Sanguineti

Volume 118. Theoretical Issues in Stimulus-Response Compatibility

Published: 11th December 1996 Editors: W. Prinz B. Hommel

Volume 117. Stimulus Class Formation in Humans and Animals

Published: 24th October 1996 Editors: P.M. Smeets T.R. Zentall

Volume 116. Visual Attention and Cognition

Published: 23rd September 1996 Editors: W.H. Zangemeister H.S. Stiehl C. Freksa

Volume 115. Time, Internal Clocks and Movement

Published: 10th June 1996 Editors: J. Artieda M.A. Pastor

Volume 114. Changes in Sensory Motor Behavior in Aging

Published: 11th December 1995 Editors: N. Teasdale A.-M. Ferrandez

Volume 113. Cognitive Technology

Published: 1st December 1995 Editors: J.L. Mey B. Gorayska

Volume 112. The Self in Infancy

Published: 30th October 1995 Editors: P. Rochat

Volume 111. Motor Control and Sensory-Motor Integration

Published: 2nd November 1995 Editors: D.J. Glencross J.P. Piek

Volume 110. Age Differences in Word and Language Processing

Published: 27th September 1995 Editors: T.R. Bashore P.A. Allen

Volume 109. Foundational Issues in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

Published: 7th March 1995 Editors: L. Terveen M.H. Bickhard

Volume 108. Comprehension of Graphics

Published: 1st August 1994 Editors: R.W. Kulhavy W. Schnotz

Volume 107. The Psychology of Risk Taking Behavior

Published: 28th April 1994 Editors: R.M. Trimpop

Volume 106. Intelligence, Mind, and Reasoning

Published: 17th March 1994 Editors: A. Efklides A. Demetriou

Volume 105. Insights into the Reach to Grasp Movement

Published: 3rd February 1994 Editors: K.M.B. Bennett U. Castiello

Volume 104. The Grasping Hand

Published: 3rd February 1994 Editors: T. Iberall C.L. MacKenzie

Volume 103. Cognition and Culture

Published: 3rd November 1993 Editors: J. Altarriba

Volume 102. Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise

Published: 15th September 1993 Editors: J. Starkes F. Allard

Volume 101. The Cognitive Psychology of Knowledge

Published: 1st October 1993 Editors: G. Strube K.F. Wender

Volume 100. Memory in Everyday Life

Published: 25th August 1993 Editors: G.M. Davies R.H. Logie

Volume 99. Foundations of Perceptual Theory

Published: 30th June 1993 Editors: S.C. Masin

Volume 98. Imagery, Creativity, and Discovery

Published: 28th May 1993 Editors: M.J. Intons-Peterson R.E. Anderson B. Roskos-Ewoldsen

Volume 97. The Development of Coordination in Infancy

Published: 12th March 1993 Editors: G.J.P. Savelsbergh

Volume 96. Behavior and Environment

Published: 28th January 1993 Editors: R.G. Golledge T. Garling

Volume 95. The Intelligent Imitator

Published: 20th November 1992 Editors: R. Kvadsheim

Volume 94. Orthography, Phonology, Morphology and Meaning

Published: 20th October 1992 Editors: Marian Katz R. Frost

Volume 93. Percepts, Concepts and Categories

Published: 9th October 1992 Editors: B. Burns

Volume 92. Psychophysical Approaches to Cognition

Published: 20th August 1992 Editors: D. Algom

Volume 91. The Nature and Origin of Mathematical Skills

Published: 7th August 1992 Editors: J.I.D. Campbell

Volume 90. Language Processing in Chinese

Published: 25th May 1992 Editors: Hsuan Chih Chen Ovid J.L. Tzeng

Volume 89. Memory Functioning in Dementia

Published: 15th May 1992 Editors: L. Backman

Volume 88. The Role of Eye Movements in Perceptual Processes

Published: 6th July 1992 Editors: E. Chekaluk K.R. Llewellyn

Volume 87. Tutorials in Motor Behavior II

Published: 6th May 1992 Editors: George Stelmach J. Requin

Volume 86. Applications of Parallel Processing in Vision

Published: 23rd January 1992 Editors: J.R. Brannan

Volume 85. Vision and Motor Control

Published: 20th February 1992 Editors: L. Proteau D. Elliott

Volume 84. Approaches to the Study of Motor Control and Learning

Published: 18th December 1991 Editors: J.J. Summers

Volume 83. Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals

Published: 23rd January 1992 Editors: R.J. Harris

Volume 82. Issues, Theory, and Research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Published: 13th March 1992 Editors: Louise Kelley

Volume 81. The Development of Timing Control and Temporal Organization in Coordinated Action

Published: 30th September 1991 Editors: P.H. Wolff J. Fagard

Volume 80. Mental Images in Human Cognition

Published: 25th June 1991 Editors: R.H. Logie M. Denis

Volume 79. Text and Text Processing

Published: 17th June 1991 Editors: J.P. Rossi G. Denhiere

Volume 78. Adaptability of Human Gait

Published: 25th March 1991 Editors: A.E. Patla

Volume 77. Understanding Word and Sentence

Published: 14th January 1991 Editors: G.B. Simpson

Volume 76. Targets of Violence and Aggression

Published: 15th January 1991 Editors: R. Baenninger

Volume 75. Freud Evaluated - The Completed Arc

Published: 14th December 1990 Editors: M. Macmillan

Volume 74. Problems in Movement Control

Published: 11th December 1990 Editors: G. Reid

Volume 73. Perception and Artistic Style

Published: 14th January 1991 Editors: D.M. Parker J.B. Derêgowski

Volume 71. Aging and Cognition

Published: 9th October 1990 Editors: T.M. Hess

Volume 70. Cerebral Control of Speech and Limb Movements

Published: 6th December 1990 Editors: G.R. Hammond

Volume 69. The Development of Attention

Published: 23rd August 1990 Editors: J.T. Enns

Volume 68. Cognitive Biases

Published: 23rd August 1990 Editors: M. Gonzalez J.-M. Fabre J.-P. Caverni

Volume 67. Left-Handedness: Behavioral Implications and Anomalies

Published: 26th June 1990 Editors: S. Coren

Volume 66. A History of Great Ideas in Abnormal Psychology

Published: 17th April 1990 Editors: T.E. Weckowicz H. Liebel-Weckowicz

Volume 65. Stimulus-Response Compatibility

Published: 18th December 1989 Editors: T.G. Reeve R.W. Proctor

Volume 64. Developmental Psychology

Published: 19th January 1990 Editors: C.-A. Hauert

Volume 63. Life, Brain and Consciousness

Published: 18th December 1989 Editors: G. Sommerhoff

Volume 62. Volitional Action

Published: 2nd November 1989 Editors: W.A. Hershberger

Volume 61. Perspectives on the Coordination of Movement

Published: 1st January 1976 Editors: S.A. Wallace

Volume 60. New Developments in Psychological Choice Modeling

Published: 18th September 1989 Editors: H. Feger G. de Soete K.C. Klauer

Volume 59. Time and Human Cognition

Published: 1st April 1989 Editors: D. Zakay I. Levin

Volume 58. Knowledge Acquisition from Text and Pictures

Published: 1st April 1989 Editors: J.R. Levin H. Mandl

Volume 57. Psychological Perspectives of Helplessness and Control in the Elderly

Published: 1st December 1988 Editors: P.S. Fry

Volume 56. Fuzzy Sets in Psychology

Published: 1st September 1988 Editors: T. Zetenyi

Volume 55. Cognition and Action in Skilled Behaviour

Published: 1st September 1988 Editors: J.R. Beech A.M. Colley

Volume 54. Human Judgment

Published: 1st September 1988 Editors: C.R.B. Joyce B. Brehmer

Volume 53. A History of Psychology in Metascientific Perspective

Published: 1st June 1988 Editors: K.B. Madsen

Volume 52. Human Mental Workload

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: N. Meshkati P.A. Hancock

Volume 51. Progress in Reversal Theory

Published: 1st April 1988 Editors: M.J. Apter J.H. Kerr M.P. Cowles

Volume 50. Complex Movement Behaviour

Published: 1st March 1988 Editors: O.G. Meijer K. Roth

Volume 49. Cognitive Psychology and Reading in the USSR

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: J. Downing

Volume 48. Blind Alleys in Social Psychology

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: D. Kivinen O.-H. Ylijoki A. Eskola A. Kihlström K. Weckroth

Volume 47. Human Factors Psychology

Published: 1st October 1987 Editors: P.A. Hancock

Volume 46. Psychobiology and Early Development

Published: 1st June 1987 Editors: H.-C. Steinhausen H. Rauh

Volume 45. Neurophysiological and Neuropsychological Aspects of Spatial Neglect

Published: 1st March 1987 Editors: M. Jeannerod

Volume 44. Attachment in Social Networks

Published: 1st February 1987 Editors: L.W.C. Tavecchio M.H. van IJzendoorn

Volume 43. The Adaptive Brain II

Published: 1st January 1987

Volume 42. The Adaptive Brain I

Published: 1st January 1987

Volume 41. Psychology's Compositional Problem

Published: 1st January 1987 Editors: K. Hillner

Volume 40. Current Issues in Theoretical Psychology

Published: 1st December 1986 Editors: H. van Rappard W.J. Baker M.E. Hyland A.W. Staats

Volume 39. Knowledge and Language

Published: 1st January 1986 Editors: J.H. Danks G.W. Shugar I. Kurcz

Volume 38. The Roots of Perception

Published: 1st December 1986 Editors: J.G. Draguns G. Smith U. Hentschel

Volume 37. Graphonomics

Published: 1st September 1986 Editors: H.S.R. Kao G.P. Van Galen R. Hoosain

Volume 36. Theory Building in Developmental Psychology

Published: 1st July 1986 Editors: P. van Geert

Volume 35. Intelligence: Its Structure, Growth and Action

Published: 1st July 1987 Editors: R.B. Cattell

Volume 34. Communication and Handicap

Published: 1st September 1986 Editors: E. Hjelmquist L.-G. Nilsson

Volume 33. Human Movement Understanding

Published: 1st October 1986 Editors: P. Morasso V. Tagliasco

Volume 32. Television Violence

Published: 1st January 1986

Volume 31. Motor Skill Acquisition of the Mentally Handicapped

Published: 1st July 1986 Editors: M.G. Wade

Volume 30. Neural Dynamics of Adaptive Sensory-Motor Control

Published: 1st January 1986

Volume 29. Inferences in Text Processing

Published: 1st November 1985 Editors: G. Rickheit H. Strohl-Goebel

Volume 28. A Theory of Cognitive Aging

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: T. Salthouse

Volume 27. Differing Perspectives in Motor Learning, Memory, and Control

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: D. Goodman I.M. Franks R.B. Wilberg

Volume 26. Psychological Reality

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: K. Hillner

Volume 25. Psychophysiological Approaches to Human Information Processing

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 24. Coalition Formation

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: H.A.M. Wilke

Volume 23. Neuropsychological Studies of Apraxia and Related Disorders

Published: 1st February 1985 Editors: E.A. Roy

Volume 22. European Conference on Eye Movements (2nd : 1983 : Nottingham, England)

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 21. The Self in Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Published: 1st January 1984 Editors: R. Schwarzer

Volume 20. Trends in Mathematical Psychology

Published: 1st June 1984 Editors: J. Van Buggenhaut E. Degreef

Volume 19. Cognitive Processes in the Perception of Art

Published: 1st June 1984 Editors: W.R. Crozier A.J. Chapman

Volume 18. Psychology in the 1990's

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 17. Human Motor Actions

Published: 1st December 1983 Editors: H.T.A. Whiting

Volume 16. Decision Making under Uncertainty

Published: 1st November 1983 Editors: R.W. Scholz

Volume 15. Quantitative Psychology

Published: 1st November 1983 Editors: M. Nowakowska

Volume 14. Analysing and Aiding Decision Processes

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: P. Humphreys O. Svenson A. Vári

Volume 13. Animal Cognition and Behavior

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: R.L. Mellgren

Volume 12. Memory and Control of Action

Published: 1st January 1983

Volume 11. Modern Issues in Perception

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: E.A. Geissler

Volume 10. Tutorials in Event Related Potential Research: Endogenous Components

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: W. Ritter A.W.K. Gaillard

Volume 9. Language and Comprehension

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 8. Discourse Processing

Published: 1st October 1982 Editors: W. Kinzelbach A. Flammer

Volume 7. The Cognitive Representation of Speech

Published: 1st December 1981 Editors: T. Myers J. Laver J. Anderson

Volume 6. From Associations to Structure

Published: 1st January 1980 Editors: K.V. Wilson

Volume 5. Cognition and Memory

Published: 1st January 1980 Editors: J. Hoffmann F. Klix

Volume 4. Letter and Word Perception

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 3. Intelligence

Published: 1st January 1980 Editors: P.A. Vroon

Volume 2. Personality and Adaptation

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 1. Tutorials in Motor Behavior I

Published: 1st October 1987 Editors: J. Requin George Stelmach