Series: Advances in Parallel Computing

Advances in Parallel Computing presents the theory and use of parallel computer systems, including vector, pipeline, array, fifth and future generation computers and neural computers. Within this context the book series covers all aspects of high-speed computing.
Book Series: Grid Computing: The New Frontier of High Performance Computing

Most recent volume

Volume 14. Grid Computing: The New Frontier of High Performance Computing

Published: 15th November 2005 Editor: Lucio Grandinetti
The book deals with the most recent technology of distributed computing.
As Internet continues to grow and provide practical connectivity between users of computers it has become possible to consider use of computing resources which are far apart and connected by Wide Area Networks.
Instead of using only local computing power it has become practical to access computing resources widely distributed. In some cases between different countries in other cases between different continents.
This idea of using computer power is similar to the well known electric power utility technology. Hence the name of this distributed computing technology is the Grid Computing.
Initially grid computing was used by technologically advanced scientific users.
They used grid computing to experiment with large scale problems which required high performance computing facilities and collaborative work.
In the next stage of development the grid computing technology has become effective and economically attractive for large and medium size commercial companies.
It is expected that eventually the grid computing style of providing computing power will become universal reaching every user in industry and business.

Additional volumes

Volume 13. Parallel Computing: Software Technology, Algorithms, Architectures & Applications

Published: 20th September 2004 Editors: Gerhard Joubert Wolfgang Nagel Frans Peters Wolfgang Walter

Volume 12. Parallel Computing: Fundamentals, Applications and New Directions

Published: 1st July 1998 Editors: E.H. D'Hollander G.R. Joubert Frans Peters Ulrich Trottenberg

Volume 10. High Performance Computing: Technology, Methods and Applications

Published: 13th September 1995 Editors: J.J. Dongarra L. Grandinetti J. Kowalik G.R. Joubert

Volume 3. Languages, Compilers and Run-time Environments for Distributed Memory Machines

Published: 15th March 1990 Editors: J. Saltz P. Mehrotra

Volume 1. Parallel Algorithms for Numerical Linear Algebra

Published: 20th February 1990 Editors: H. van der Vorst P. van Dooren