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REIsearch: a new science communication and collaboration network to inform science-based policy making

Have you ever read something in the media about a topic close to your heart, only to roll your eyes at how misleading the story is? Perhaps it’s a subject where you have given years of your life to and still, the policymakers or media, just aren’t “getting it”.

Now it's your chance to have your say.

A time to collaborate

There is little doubt of the importance of collaboration between policymakers, scientists, communicators and educators but this hasn’t always been easy to do in practice. This is about to change with the launch of a new platform called REIsearch by Atomium - European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy (EISMD), and proudly supported by Elsevier.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

The platform aims to:

  • Create a responsible and informed multi-stakeholder debate on an issue affecting millions of citizens, researchers, policymakers and stakeholders
  • Create and promote access to reliable information on the issue
  • Increase international, inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral debate
  • Bridge the gap between science, society and policy, also by involving the media

A discussion hub on global health issues

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The platform will function as a discussion hub on global health issues. As the world’s population ages, the treatment, cure and prevention of chronic disease and its priority as a global challenge has been selected as the topic for the first initiative.

Even though REIsearch is being launched in the EU, researchers from all parts of the world are encouraged to join the conversation. Short weekly questionnaires will encourage visitors to share their knowledge on key issues related to five subtopics.

It will be available in six different languages (French, Italian, English, Polish, Portuguese and German).  Elsevier has been a key component in supporting the initiative, helping with funding and the platform itself, which has benefited from the use of Mendeley.

Researchers and the general public who would like to participate in REIsearch forums on chronic diseases can do so by visiting the platform

REISearch: a new science communication and collaboration network

Chronic Diseases

The scope of the problem is enormous. In Europe chronic diseases affects more than 80% of Europeans aged over 65, and 10 percent of GDP is spent on health.  Solutions need support from all sectors to be successful. REIsearch’s ambition is to bridge the gap between research, policy and the public by providing a place where these members of the community can engage with each other and where the voice of the general public is given an opportunity to be part of the conversation. The public voice should ideally be a highly influential one when it comes to policies that impact local, regional and international issues such as chronic disease management.

Ron MobedElsevier has a responsibility to support the research community,” said Elsevier CEO, Ron Mobed. “In this case, we can serve by facilitating ways in which viewpoints and information about pressing global issues can be shared. It will be especially important to encourage researchers to participate in the dialogue with the public on the subject of chronic disease.”

Author biography

Iris KisjesIris Kisjes (@Kisjes) has worked at Elsevier for seven years, the past four in communications. She is currently Senior Corporate Relations Manager, based in Amsterdam. She has a keen interest in the knowledge economy, especially in relation to the valorization of science and the longevity of the higher education system.

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