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Topics covered include identifying the right journal, funding and networking, promoting your paper and ethics

Free WebinarAre you looking for the right journal to publish in? Perhaps you have already published an article but are keen to boost the numbers of people downloading it? What can you do to promote it?

What about research and publishing ethics? Are you fully aware of just how important these are to your research career?

Metrics is another interesting topic. Did you know that metrics can help boost funding and networking opportunities?

Forget about “Googling” these questions – our live webinars allow you to discuss these topics with real people who have specialist knowledge in these fields.

Djordje Romanic“The Publishing Campus is an excellent free source of information for researchers interested in publishing in scientific journals. Lectures are concise and to the point. There are no long texts on how to do something. The English used in both the lectures and texts is simple to understand.”   - Djordje Romanic, Researcher

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How to promote your article for maximum impact

12 April 3-4pm CEST  (UTC+2)

Discover how metrics can boost funding and networking opportunities

13 April 3-4pm CEST (UTC+2)

Why you can't afford to ignore research and publication ethics

19 April 10-11am CEST (UTC+2)

How to identify the right journal to publish in

20 April 3-4pm CEST (UTC+2)

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