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The booklets, hosted on our interactive Publishing Campus training platform, cover a range of topics

Navigating the publishing process can be challenging but we have a range of new guides available to help you. Covering everything from publishing in scholarly journals and promoting your work to open access options and publishing ethically, you can find them these and many other resources on the recently launched Publishing Campus platform.


Get Published GuideUnderstanding the Publishing Process - How to Publish in Scholarly Journals

As researchers, you make huge strides in advancing essential knowledge. Your achievements can save lives and improve the way we live. This booklet outlines the best opportunities for publishing your research - and for seeing it shared globally.

The booklet takes you through the publishing process steps: from writing your article and selecting a journal to the submission and peer review process. It also covers promoting your article and measuring its impact. Recent Elsevier innovations are presented, such as microarticles, content innovation, Elsevier WebShop services, sharelinks, My Research Dashboard, the Publishing Campus for online training and the reference manager and academic social network Mendeley.


Get Noticed GuideGet Noticed - Promoting your article for maximum impact

More than one million scientific articles are published each year, and that number is rising so it’s increasingly important for you to find ways to make your article stand out. The Get Noticed booklet shows you how you can maximize the visibility of your work while preparing, publishing and monitoring your article. It deals with search engine optimization (SEO), new tools you can use to present and promote your work (such as AudioSlides and graphical abstracts), presentations at conferences, social media, media relations, and ways to monitor your article through the new Elsevier My Research Dashboard and altmetrics.

The booklet is now also available in simplified Chinese with information on Chinese social media Weibo and Wechat.


Open Access GuideYour Guide to Publishing Open Access

The deeply rooted culture of sharing in the research community is one of the driving forces behind scientific advancement. At Elsevier, we’re working with the research community to make sharing simple and seamless while being consistent with access and usage rights associated with journal articles. On April 30th 2015, Elsevier announced its updated article sharing policy. Your Guide to Publishing Open Access provides information about this policy, gold and green open access, user licenses, funding bodies, practical steps and a checklist. The booklet contains a table on how and where you can share your article.


Ethics GuideEthics in Research & Publication

The materials in the Publishing & Research Ethics section of the Publishing Campus were created by an independent panel of experts in research and publishing ethics and Elsevier. They include a downloadable guide that helps you understand the boundaries in scientific research and publishing - a key step in making sure your work gets off to the best start. Scientific misconduct and breach of publishing ethics can take different shapes and forms, and can be committed knowingly or unknowingly. Examples of scientific misconduct are:

  • Authorship disputes - deliberately misrepresenting a scientist's relationship to their work on a published paper
  • Conflict of interest – non-disclosure to the publication that you have a direct or indirect conflict that prevents you from being unbiased in your paper
  • Plagiarism - passing off another's work or idea as your own
  • Simultaneous submission - submitting a paper simultaneously to more than one publication
  • Research fraud - which includes fabrication (making up of research data); and falsification (manipulation of existing research data, tables, or images)
  • Salami slicing - the "slicing" of research that would form one meaningful paper into several different papers


Author biography

Manon BurgerManon Burger, MA, started her career in STM publishing at Elsevier in 1999 in various marketing and publishing roles. She then moved to General Publishing as a Head of Marketing, exploring new business models and innovative ways of marketing. She has been back at Elsevier since April 2014 as a Project Manager in the Marketing Communications & Researcher Engagement department and is responsible for global projects. She has a MA in English Literature and Linguistics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdamand a MA(Ed) at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is based in Amsterdam.

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