Create your own book with Elsevier’s WebShop

Want to get all your favourite articles in one book - Or all publications of your department or all papers of a retiring colleague combined - Take the opportunity to create your own book, today

<<PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately this product has been discontinued>>

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Elsevier's WebShop now offers authors the opportunity to create their own book. issue3_webshop_288x173

What our customers say:

  • "It's the perfect gift for a retiring colleague."
  • "A bound collection of work published by our team really impresses benefactors and VIP visitors to the department."
  • "Family members never used to 'get' what I did for a living, now I show them the book!
  • "It was a 'thank you' to my parents for supporting me through a decade in college!"
  • "Ordering my own book was simple and reasonably-priced. 12 years of hard work is worth celebrating!'"

Whether the book is for yourself, a retiring colleague or your department, it is always simple to create.

Prices per book start from E28 (softcover) or E40 (hardcover) and our minimum order is five books. You are welcome to include your own PDFs for articles not published by Elsevier.


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