Introducing Heliyon - Elsevier's new broad scope, open access journal

The journal is being developed in close collaboration with the academic community - in this article we chart the progress to date

Heliyon logoAt the beginning of this year, Elsevier announced plans for a new open  access journal, which will publish technically sound papers across all disciplines. The journal was announced early in its development to ensure members of the research community have the opportunity to provide feedback. In the weeks that followed, we received a number of useful suggestions and finalized  a number of important details - including the name. This new broad scope journal will be called Heliyon!

Here is what you need to know about Heliyon’s development.

The name

The journal has innovation at its core, so it was important that the name be unique, memorable, and new to the publishing world.  Taking Helios - the Greek God of the sun – as our inspiration, we came up with the name Heliyon, to symbolize the light the journal will shine on important research.

Journal built on feedback

Throughout Heliyon’s development, we will actively solicit feedback from the research community so we can ensure it suits your needs. From a new submission system to review processes and reader interface, Heliyon will adapt and evolve in response to the suggestions we receive. This feedback  will be captured through a variety of channels including the recently launched The Heliyon Blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Google+  Page.

Recruitment of Editorial Advisory Board

Dr. Claudia LuppHeliyon is now actively recruiting its Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) and would like to hear from enthusiastic academics across all research communities. Over the coming months, Heliyon’s  Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Claudia Lupp, will collaborate with the EAB to make key decisions about the journal’s editorial direction.

If you would like to be considered for the EAB, please email

Licensing and article publishing charge

Authors who publish their research in Heliyon will have a choice of two Creative Commons licenses: CC-BY and CC-BY-NC-ND. Both licenses enable the public to immediately access the final published article and provide authors with the ability to choose the most suitable license for  their needs. The article publishing charge (APC) for research published in Heliyon will be $1,250 plus VAT or local taxes, where applicable.

Impact on other Elsevier journals

This is Elsevier’s first open access, broad scope journal and will be a platform for experimentation and innovation in areas such as content display, peer review processes, and author services. Lessons learnt through this testing can be rolled out to other Elsevier journals and will lead to improvements  and innovation across the company. Additionally, in some instances, authors whose papers are rejected by other Elsevier journals will have the option of transferring their article to Heliyon, speeding up the publication process. In the coming months, the journal will launch a new website and begin accepting article submissions. We will provide regular updates as the journal continues to develop and grow. If you have any questions about Heliyon in the meantime,  please email


Author biography

Mary Beth O'LearyMary Beth O’Leary is Marketing and Publicity Manager for Heliyon, based in London. Prior to moving to London, she lived in Boston where she joined Elsevier in August 2009. For over five years she  worked for Cell Press in various roles across editorial, marketing, and public relations. Most recently she acted as Media Relations Manager for Cell Press’ 30 titles. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, she studied literature and art history.

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