Elsevier’s Results in Physics announces the launch of the new microarticle publication format

Explore the novel microarticle publication format that is now supported by Results in Physics

As of the end of February 2014, Elsevier's Results in Physics invited authors to publish research output in a new condensed microarticle format.

Results in PhysicsMicroarticles may consist of a single, but well-described piece of information, such as:

  • Data and/or a plot plus a description
  • Description of a new method or instrumentation
  • Negative results
  • Concept or design study

Microarticles should be self-contained, provide the scientific context of the described work and consist of the following elements: a title, list of authors (plus affiliations), abstract, keywords, a main text and at least one reference.

Microarticles may also serve as complementary publications to the full research articles. This allows researchers to bring their data and all of the details necessary to understand and reproduce scientific experiments to the forefront.

Submit your microarticle to Results in Physics and experience quick review and publication processes: http://ees.elsevier.com/rinp/default.asp

Results in Physics is an open access journal offering authors the opportunity to publish in all fundamental and interdisciplinary areas of physics, materials science, and applied physics. Papers of a theoretical, computational, and experimental nature are all welcome. The journal offers the following data exploration tools available for published online articles: interactive graphs, MATLAB figure viewer and interactive 3D models.

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