Times Higher Education to partner with Elsevier on THE World University Rankings

THE will use Scopus data and SciVal - Elsevier's research metrics analysis tool

Times Higher Education (THE) and Elsevier have announced that they are partnering to provide the data behind THE's flagship World University Rankings and its global university performance analyses.

Among rankings providers, the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings are unique because they are the only system to score research-focused universities across all their core missions: research, international outlook, knowledge transfer and teaching. Staff are surveyed to share their experiences and opinions, which are combined with quantitative analysis based on research data to construct the ranking.

Times Higher Education will now use Elsevier's Scopus data for its rankings because of its breadth and depth which provides a more complete view of the world of research. Using Scopus, THE will be able to analyze more research activity from a greater number of institutions, and will also include institutions from emerging economies that account for a growing portion of research. THE will also use SciVal, Elsevier's research metrics analysis tool, to continue to innovate its research performance metrics and analysis.

THE and Elsevier will also launch the annual global academic reputation survey, which feeds into the World University Rankings and lists the top 100 most powerful global university brands, known as the World Reputation Rankings. THE will have ownership of the results and the data behind the ranking indicators empowering them to be more transparent and accountable for them.

For more information, see the Elsevier Connect article Rankings provide a more complete picture of worldwide research.


Author biography

Dr. Nick FowlerDr. Nick Fowler is Managing Director of Elsevier's Research Management division which provides data, systems, tools and analytics to help universities, funding bodies and governments manage their research activities.  He leads Elsevier's Global Academic Relations group in which he collaborates with senior leaders of the world's leading universities and research policy-makers globally.

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