The Publishing Connect Webinar Series: expert training at your desk

Find out how you can view the archive versions of our summer webinar series and sign up for the upcoming autumn events

Publishing Connect bannerThis year marked the launch of the first series of live webinars for Publishing Connect, our ongoing and popular researcher skills training program.

The idea behind the series was simple; each year, Elsevier journal publishers and editors run hundreds of live Publishing Connect workshops for new and young researchers at institutions and conferences around the world. These workshops reach thousands of participants, but how many researchers miss out because they are unable to attend? While we have organised one-off webinars in the past, this year, we decided to be bolder and schedule a whole series of online presentations, effectively providing a crash course in getting published. To find our audience, we reached out to authors who had recently submitted a paper to Elsevier for the first time as well as previous workshop attendees.

The five webinars, held in May, covered some of the most popular topics from our live workshop program:

  • The publishing cycle and process
  • How to structure an article and prepare a manuscript for publication
  • How to use correct scientific language and references
  • How to handle the peer-review process
  • Questions relating to ethics, such as plagiarism

We were thrilled by the response; more than 1,500 researchers registered for at least one webinar, with most people registering for multiple webinars. And we definitely fulfilled our goal of reaching a global audience as registrants were based in more than 100 countries.

Following each webinar, we sent a short survey to the participants and 90-95 percent of respondents said they would be likely, or very likely, to recommend the webinar to their peers.

What participants had to say

Very helpful, few people provide such information for young researchers.

All the webinars are now available to view on demand.

An experienced specialist presents the topic clearly.

The speaker gave information by following an outline which was easy to follow and there was no unnecessary or complicated information about the subject.

It is easy to follow, a click from home!

This webinar helped me in improving my scientific writing potential.

Excellent content and a good starting point for anyone interested in either publishing an article or understanding how to best structure an article.

The recordings of the May series of webinars are now available on our website.twitter

If you would like to register for our future webinars, sign up here.

To keep abreast of all our news for early career researchers, including announcements of future Publishing Connect webinars and other events, follow us on our new Twitter channel: @ECRPubConnect

What's next?

In October, we will be hosting another series of three live Publishing Connect webinars, covering topics such as open access, how reviewers look at your paper, and advice on what you can do to get your article noticed.

Registrations are now open.

In the meantime, you can watch the recordings of the May series of webinars at your leisure on our website, or click on the individual links below.


Introduction to Scholarly Publishing

What does a Publisher actually do? Discover the key contributions they make to the scientific and health communities.

Watch now


How to Get Published, Part I: Preparing Your Manuscript

Learn the important steps that you, as an author, need to follow in preparing your manuscript for successful publication.

Watch now


How to Get Published, Part II: Structuring an Article

From the title and keywords, right through to the conclusion and references, this presentation will take you through the criteria essential to give your article the best chance of success.

Watch now


How to Get Published, Part III: Language, Figures and Handling the Reviewing Process

Find out why the use of correct language is vital, how to use and present figures, and how to implement changes suggested by reviewers and editors.

Watch now


Research and Publishing Ethics

Protect your reputation and career by learning how to navigate ethics topics, such as authorship, plagiarism and conflicts of interest.

Watch now


What is Publishing Connect?

The Publishing Connect program comprises three main elements:

  • The new author and reviewer webinar series outlined above
  • Author and reviewer (in-person) workshops (held at universities and scientific conferences, usually in partnership with one of Elsevier's journal editors
  • Online training webcasts

The workshops

A range of experienced staff at Elsevier have pooled their knowledge to create a series of in-person workshops offering training on everything from how the publishing process works to writing and submitting a manuscript. Current modules include:

  • Introduction to Scholarly Publishing
  • How to Get Published
  • Author Rights
  • Open Access
  • Research and Publication Ethics
  • Successful Grant Writing
  • Getting Your Paper Noticed
  • The Impact Factor and Other Bibliometric Indicators
  • Innovation in the Research and Publishing Landscap

Since 2006, when the Publishing Connect program started, the number of PhD students, postdoctoral students and junior faculty participating has risen year on year; in 2013, our journal publishers and editors reached a record of more than 30,000 researchers through more than 330 workshops. The workshops are often hosted by institutions in countries where research is growing rapidly and knowledge of the publishing process is still relatively basic. In these locations, the modules on how to write a paper and authors' rights and responsibilities have been particularly popular.

Publishing Connect webcasts

These bite-sized online training webcasts, each of which is up to 15 minutes long, are from the Publishing Connect training webcasts library on The series has collectively garnered more than 280,000 views to date, and more webcasts are in the pipeline.

Author biography

 Gaëlle Hull
Gaëlle Hull has been a Marketing Communications Manager at Elsevier since 2006. She initially worked on the engineering portfolios before moving to energy. She took on responsibility for her current portfolio - chemical engineering - in 2010. From February to June 2014, she was on a secondment in the Researcher Relations team. During that period, she organised the first Publishing Connect Webinar Series. Gaëlle is based in Elsevier's office in Oxford, UK.

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