SCOAP3 now reality: two flagship journals to turn open access - without author fees

As of January 2014, Physics Letters B and Nuclear Physics B will change from a subscription based model into a full open access model

Nuclear Physics BAs of January 2014, Physics Letters B and Nuclear Physics B will change from a subscription based model into a full open access model. Both journals are included in SCOAP3 an innovative project designed to bring open access to the high-energy physics community.

By signing this agreement, and after several years of consensus building across the publishing and library communities, Elsevier and CERN have made SCOAP3 a reality for these two journals. See the press release issued by CERN.

Physics Letters BTo make SCOAP3 a possibility, Elsevier has adjusted thousands of library contracts worldwide, to reduce the subscription prices. In turn, libraries re-direct these funds to SCOAP3 which centrally supports the open access costs of the journals.As active participant in SCOAP3, Elsevier is changing two high profile journals to open access without the need for authors to pay an open access publication fee. This is made possible as we have reduced and redirected subscription fees to centrally cover the costs involved in publishing open access. 

How does SCOAP3 work? See our recent article on the subject and the Elsevier press release.

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