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Dear Readers,

It is with pleasure that I announce a new series in Editors' Update. Starting from this edition, each issue of EU will feature one or more articles focused on the theme of "growing and developing your journal". The subjects chosen for attention have been selected with input from your peers and wherever possible will feature comments and content from current and former editors. The majority of articles in the series will chiefly be of interest and - we trust - use to less experienced editors but there will be tips and tricks for even the most seasoned editor.

To complement the new series as well as to add a new element of interactivity to the Update articles; we are also introducing from this edition a linked discussion group on Mendeley which should allow for more extensive discourse and debate than is possible with the "comment" functionality at present. I invite you to join this group and hope that you will participate in the discussions and share your thoughts, perspectives and suggestions to enable Editors' Update to continue growing, developing and - ultimately - serving you as an editor.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. In the meantime; I trust that you will enjoy the first article in the new series. Many more are planned, on subjects ranging from how to deal with author rejctions to how to approach succession planning. Happy reading and best wishes for your current endeavours.

Christopher Tancock
November 2017


Written by

Christopher Tancock

Written by

Christopher Tancock

Christopher Tancock is Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Editors', Authors' and Reviewers' Updates and works on related communications projects. Based in Oxford, Chris has degrees in European studies and linguistics and  is founder of Pint of Life, a new initiative which delivers free life-saving skills into the local community.


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