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Reviewer Recognition platform

September 23, 2015

By Bahar Mehmani, PhD, Joris van Rossum, Ursula van Dijk

Reviewers can now list all their review history in one place

Our latest functionality to the Reviewer Recognition platform(opens in new tab/window) enables reviewers to create a public Reviewer Page(opens in new tab/window), listing all their respective peer review activities. In a few simple steps, reviewers can indicate by year, all the reviews they have completed, regardless of the publisher and whether the reviewed manuscript was ultimately published or not. In this way, reviewers can create a complete overview of their review history accessible via a personalized URL. Naturally, we fully respect the confidentiality of the peer review process and will not match reviewers to individual articles.

Screenshot of a Reviewer page

Screenshot of a Reviewer page

Reviewer Recognition Platform

Enabling reviewers to:

  • Track their reviewer status

  • Access an annual review history report

  • Claim discounts for books and author services purchases

  • Collect certificates of recognition

  • Volunteer to review for other journals

  • Claim peer reviews for non-Elsevier journals

Other developments

This year we also implemented the reviewer “end of the year report”, which collects the journal review history of a reviewer in a single PDF-file format. According to our feedback surveys, such a report is valuable when submitting a grant application or applying for a position.

Another feature recently added to the platform is the option for reviewers to volunteer to review for additional journals. Since the launch of this feature in March 2015, we have seen thousands of reviewers provide their authorship history, as well as their reason for volunteering, to journal editors.


Portrait photo of Bahar Mehmani, PhD


Bahar Mehmani, PhD

Reviewer Experience Lead


Image of Joris van Rossum


Joris van Rossum

Product Manager


Image of Ursula van Dijk


Ursula van Dijk

STM - Journal Marketing