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How reviewers become editors

June 9, 2016

By Verity J. Brown

Your contributions as a reviewer are important milestones on your path to becoming an editor

Establishing a reputation as a valuable reviewer earns you a special place in the community of a journal. When new members of the Editorial Board are being considered, the editor is very likely to first consider people who have served the journal well, as both a well-cited author and a valuable reviewer. Find out what makes you a valuable reviewer in the eyes of editors and how that can advance your career in research.

Based on an earlier article entitled From early career researcher to Editor-in-Chief in 5 steps, we invited Professor Verity J Brown to give a presentation on How Reviewers become Editors.

This is available online via the Publishing Campus.

Book Cover of 'How Reviewers become Editors'

Book Cover of 'How Reviewers become Editors'

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Image of Professor Verity J. Brown


Verity J. Brown


University of St Andrews