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Muscular System

Depressor anguli oris

Depressor Anguli Oris

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Depressor labii inferioris

Depressor Labii Inferioris

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Depressor septi nasi

Depressor Septi Nasi

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Depressor supercilii

Depressor Supercilii

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Pars descendens musculi trapezii

Descending Part of Trapezius Muscle

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Musculus digastricus

Digastric Muscle (Left)

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Musculi interossei dorsales pedis

Dorsal Interossei Muscles of Foot (Left)

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Musculi interossei dorsales manus

Dorsal Interossei Muscles of Hand (Left)

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Galea aponeurotica

Epicranial Aponeurosis

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Musculus epicranius

Epicranius Muscle

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