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Depressor Supercilii
Muscular System

Depressor Supercilii

Depressor supercilii

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Quick Facts

Origin: Frontal process of maxilla.

Insertion: Skin of eyebrow.

Action: Depresses eyebrows.

Innervation: Temporal branches of facial nerve (CN VII).

Arterial Supply: Superficial temporal and ophthalmic arteries.

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The depressor supercilii muscle originates from the frontal process of the maxilla.


The depressor supercilii muscle blends with the superficial dermal layers of the face, approximately 1.5 cm superior to the medial canthus (or angle) of the eye (Cook, Lucarelli and Lemke, 2001).

Key Features & Anatomical Relations

The depressor supercilii muscle is not routinely described as a separate muscle; however, there is some histological evidence that it may be distinct from the surrounding corrugator supercilii and orbicularis oculi muscles (Cook, Lucarelli and Lemke, 2001).


The depressor supercilii muscle depresses the eyebrows.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Bell’s palsy


Cook, B. E., Jr., Lucarelli, M. J. and Lemke, B. N. (2001) 'Depressor supercilii muscle: anatomy, histology, and cosmetic implications', Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg, 17(6), pp. 404-11.

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