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Whatever stage you are at in your publication journey, Elsevier has resources to make your tasks easier.

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Conducting your research

Use these tools to get the best research results possible

You can use these resources to find the best collaborators, carry out comprehensive literature searches, ensure the integrity of your research, and track and share your results at different stages of the research cycle.

Scopus: Efficiently pinpoint the most relevant, curated and up-to-date research information.

Mendeley(opens in new tab/window): Simplify your workflow, accelerate your research.

ScienceDirect: Find answers, track trends and get in-depth insights.

Researcher Academy(opens in new tab/window): Prepare for the next step in your research career.

Research integrity: Ensure your work contributes to the research community’s goal to promote the integrity of research.

Writing your manuscript

Get support for writing up your work

These resources will support you as you write your manuscript, with step-by-step instructions, training and editing, and translation services to help you perfect your work before you submit.

Elsevier Connect: Read daily stories for the science, technology and health communities.

SciTech Connect(opens in new tab/window): Discover articles written by Elsevier authors and editors, covering hot topics across all scientific disciplines. You can also find specific information for book authors(opens in new tab/window).

Researcher Academy(opens in new tab/window): Learn academic writing skills and improve your manuscript.

Language editing by Elsevier Author Services(opens in new tab/window): Ensure that your work is written in correct English before you submit.

Translation by Elsevier Author Services(opens in new tab/window): Have your work translated into correct English.

Research highlights

A short collection of bullet points that convey the core findings and provide a quick textual overview

Highlights offer your paper a considerable advantage in the online world, as they ensure that search engines pick up your article and match it to the right audience. (Nowadays, machines read your work just as often as humans do!). Highlights have been proven to widen the reach of your work and help to ensure that your article is brought to the attention of interested colleagues, both inside and outside your usual research community. Apart from a wider distribution of your research, we hope that this will also lead to new collaborations and help accelerate the pace of science.

Graphical abstracts

Summarize the main findings of the article in a single, concise and visual way

A graphical abstract should allow readers to quickly gain an understanding of the main take-home message of the paper and is intended to encourage browsing, promote interdisciplinary scholarship, and help readers identify more quickly which papers are most relevant to their research interests.

Getting published

Maximize your impact with a top-quality publication

These resources support you throughout the publication process, from identifying the best journal for your work, to making the most of the peer review process. Open access: Choose whether to publish your research open access.

Journal-level metrics: Get insights into journal impact before you submit.

JournalFinder(opens in new tab/window): Identify the journals best suited to your research.

CRediT: Acknowledge each author’s contribution.

Publishing ethics resources: Access resources to help you ensure your work is carried out and published ethically.

Submission and revision: Take the pain out of submission with streamlined systems and processes.

Article transfer service: Find the right home for your research.

Research Elements: Make the work you put into your research more discoverable, citable, comprehensible and reproducible.

STAR Protocols(opens in new tab/window) and STAR Methods(opens in new tab/window): Publish your methods so that they can be reproduced and help others doing similar work.

Sharing your data and code during submission: Get credit for your research data and code and make it Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

Writing or editing a book with Elsevier?

Proof central

Quickly and easily input corrections, comments and change requests in your proof and submit them directly for implementation

Proof Central always makes it possible for you to provide your corrections through an online mode. Depending on the journal, Proof Central may also allow you to view your corrected proof using a PDF generator ("PageCentral"), or it allows you to switch from online correction to an offline PDF annotation mode.

Promoting your research

Get noticed by sharing your research widely

Use these resources to share your article widely and make a global impact.

Scholarly collaboration networks: Showcase your research and network with your peers.

Open access: Get the most out of your open access publication.

Share Links: Promote your article with Share Links. in new tab/window): Make sure your work contributes to wider scientific progress by sharing it appropriately.

Lay summaries: Translate your research for a wider audience.

Social media(opens in new tab/window): Brush up on your social media skills with Researcher Academy to reach your audience online.


Tracking your impact

Keep track of the impact of your research with article-level metrics; understand the metrics which aim to assess the weight and importance of a journal.

These resources give you the information you need to track your impact using a variety of metrics.

Scopus profile: Get credit for your work and explore your metrics.

Article-level metrics: Track the impact of your publications in different areas, from academic literature (citations) to broader society (social media shares).

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