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Elsevier's Article Transfer Service

Submitting your paper for publication is a critical point in the research cycle, and finding the right journal for your work can be challenging. Your first choice of journal may not always be the perfect fit, requiring you to look elsewhere to publish. Enter Elsevier's Article Transfer Service, the shortest path to publication...

What is Elsevier's Article Transfer Service?

At Elsevier, we understand that authors are unique, and each paper is different. That's why our expert editorial teams and matching technology are ready to help you identify the most suitable journals for your paper if your initial submission isn't successful. We know your time is valuable, which is why we've got systems to ensure that the transfer process is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Find the best home for your paper, quickly and easily. Take advantage of Elsevier's Article Transfer Service.

Article Transfer Service

The benefits of accepting an article transfer

You've submitted your paper and unfortunately received a rejection, either before or after peer review. However, Elsevier’s Article Transfer Service recommends alternative journals that are more suitable for your paper. What does this offer mean to you?


You can find the best home for your paper.

To determine the best match, we consider:

  • Scope - the scope of the journal and the interests of the readership.

  • Article type - is it long or short, a research article or a review article, a case report or a perspective?

  • Data - such as acceptance rates and the performance of previous transfers.

Our recommendations are based on the input of journal editors, the insights of our in-house Scientific Editors, and/or the matching capabilities of our learning algorithms.

“This transfer service helped me a lot to decide the final journal target for my manuscript. We transferred the work without any problem and finally the work was accepted and published in the suggested journal.”

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Catalysis author


You can reduce effort spent on resubmissions.

Submitting a paper again can be complicated and cumbersome. Our goal is to make the transfer process as seamless as possible for our authors.

  • Your paper will flow through our editorial submission system, which makes transferring to another Elsevier journal an easy option.

  • We’ll make the decision-making process smoother by sharing the rationale for our recommendations whenever possible.

  • In certain instances, you won’t need to reformat your paper but you have the option to make revisions if you want to.

We will guide you through the transfer process every step of the way.

It was a smooth hassle-free process from transfer to publication. Good support from the team.

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Materials science author


You can publish your article more quickly.

Authors like you don’t have time to waste. Transferring your article to another Elsevier journal reduces time to publication.

  • Avoid the time required to start the publication process from scratch.

  • Quickly identify the journals where your paper has the highest chance of acceptance.

  • Authors who receive an enhanced offer can be guaranteed conditional acceptance, peer-review or fast-track processing by the destination journal.

Spend less time on submissions and more time on your research with Elsevier's Article Transfer Service.

My experience with the transfer service was excellent. It sped up the publication process, even though the original journal rejected it. I do not have any negative experiences associated with the transfer, and I will use the transfer service again in the future.

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Neuroscience author

How are transfer recommendations made?

Our article transfer recommendations are determined by:


Elsevier journal editors use their expertise to analyze manuscripts and make recommendations for transfers. Our global team of in-house Scientific Editors, who are all subject-matter experts, take a personal approach to each manuscript they assess and provide guidance to increase your chance of acceptance at the next journal on your publication journey.


We use advanced matching algorithms to assess data on topics, citations, acceptance rates, and more to identify the best home for your paper.

The transfer process, step by step

If you receive a transfer offer by email after rejection:

  1. Accept your offer by clicking on the provided link to start the process;

  2. Select the destination journal of your choice from the suggested alternative journals;

  3. Finalize your submission, making revisions if necessary, at the destination journal.

Your transferred submission will be assessed by the editors of the destination journal. You will be informed of the outcome as soon as a decision has been made.

The instructions for article transfer were very clear and easy to follow. The whole process became very easy as a result.

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