Webinar: PharmaPendium - Insights that inform preclinical safety programs- A Case Study Webinar with Hua Pascal

Learn how clinical observations of cardiac adverse events can be used to help select preclinical animal models and toxicological dose ranges, potentially saving development time.

This case study webinar will focus on the effective use of information contained in drug approval precedents to proactively define preclinical safety programs by examining comparative data from drugs with different molecular targets that modulate the same protein indicated in cancer proliferation. All data showcases PharmaPendium®, an Elsevier information solution that helps drug development researchers make better informed decisions by addressing potential clinical risks earlier in preclinical studies.

Learn how:

* Precedent drug data can be leverage to inform preclinical dose range studies

* Export and transform data for use in analytical models in several simple steps

* Quickly find relevant data that provides regulatory insights that helps save time and money in preclinical testing

Thursday, July 30, 2015 3 pm CET