Webinar: Reaxys for Chemistry Research – Structured Searching

Join us for a complimentary 45-minute webinar where chemist and drug discovery expert, Hiroki Gunji, Ph.D Senior Research Manager at ALPS Pharmaceutical Ind. will present several case studies showing how to reduce noise in Structure Searches

  • Noise reduction by atom mapping: Reduction of esters to aldehydes
  • Noise reduction by atom mapping and substitution option: Dehydration of lactones
  • Noise reduction by atom mapping, substitution option, and Reaxys generics: Deprotection of secondary TBS ethers
  • Limitation of atom mapping: Pinacol rearrangements

About the Speaker:
Hiroki Gunji, Ph.D is a Senior research manager of R & D section at Alps Pharmaceutical Industries, focusing on process chemistry for fluorine containing pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Alps Pharmaceutical Industries, Dr. Gunji was the head of research process chemistry at Novartis Tsukuba Research Institute, focusing on scale up of drug candidates. His postdoc at ETH Zurich was under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Vasella, focusing on synthesis and conformation analysis of oligonucleoside analogues. Hiroki obtained his Ph.D. at Keio University and was research associate at Waseda University under supervision of Prof. Kuniaki Tatsuta, focusing on catalytic asymmetric conjugate addition reactions and the application to total syntheses.

Mar 15, 2016 9:00 AM Amsterdam time 5:00 pm Japan

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