New challenges are inspiring Aerospace & Defense companies to try innovative approaches

In a volatile industry landscape, aerospace and defense businesses must increase efficiencies while also expanding and diversifying into new areas across the supply chain. The most innovative companies are reshaping their thinking by focusing on non-traditional partnerships, rapid evolution of core technologies and building collaborations in adjacent sectors.

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Program Development and Enhancement

Aerospace & Defense researchers need access to reputable sources so that they can identify the best practices, technologies and solutions that support safe, reliable, cost-effective program enhancements and new product development. Our solutions can help you gain insight into new topics, confidently take on challenges and get projects done faster.

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Manufacturing and Production Optimization

Cutting-edge insights lead to superior products and better business outcomes. Reduce costs and improve the delivery time of reliable, high-quality products to your customers by optimizing the manufacturing and production processes of systems, components and parts.

Operational Efficiency

Keep ahead of the competition. Optimize and implement engineering and process management best practices so that you can reduce downtime, increase reliability and safety ratings, lower costs and reduce spending.

Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Engineering Village

Engineering Village provides engineers and researchers with critical and reliable information that will advance projects, accelerate product research and support innovation to better inform your organization’s decision process.

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Knovel helps engineers deliver shorter timelines, reduce costs, innovate for the future, maintain and foster institutional knowledge and technical capability with access to multi-disciplinary and specialized technical content to support entire value chain, proprietary and standard industry data and reference materials that aid in material analysis and selection, interactive analytical tools and specialized data search and connections with engineering software and information discovery platforms.

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ScienceDirect enables aerospace and defense companies research new technologies and meet regulatory requirements for ongoing program development and enhancement. to develop plans for ongoing plant optimization and sustainability. It keeps researchers up-to-date with the most recent research topics in such areas as cybersecurity and manufacturing 4.0.

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Discover evolving and new scientific fields and analyze research trends overtime; identify thought leaders and subject matter experts for collaboration and partnerships; analyze competitor’s research to inform your R&D planning and strategies; and validate ideas, technologies, and applications with access to rich content data and analytics.

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