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Elsevier is honored to publish some of the most prestigious and diverse journals in gastroenterology and hepatology where you’ll find the latest advances in the field. We also publish high quality specialist journals on the pancreas and on endoscopic techniques. Through our GastroHep newsletter, we aim to share highlights from across our portfolio. We hope you enjoy our publication.

Latest release: November 2018

2018 World Heart Day article collection

Free access to some of the top articles from our cardiology journals.

Nutrition and Heart Health article collection 2018

Specially selected research papers on Nutrition and Heart Health available free through March 15, 2018.

Heart Health month 2018

Free access to articles from our cardiology journals

Top trending Cardiology articles

Free access to a collection of trending articles in Elsevier's cardiology journals

Nutrition and Heart Health article collection 2017

Research selected by editors from our nutrition and cardiology journals.

Cardiology Research in China

Article selection celebrating Cardiology Research in China

Most read research articles

The editors of the journals of the Society of Biological Psychiatry would like to make recent Most Cited Research Papers free to read through December 15th, 2018.

Featured Psychiatry journals

This page is your starting point to finding a journal, locating existing research, or having your research published.

Depression Research & Treatment

Discover a list of specially selected research papers on Substance Abuse and Treatment from our leading Psychiatry journals

Substance Abuse and Treatment

Discover a selection of articles around Substance abuse and treatment, selected by our Editors among the top Elsevier Psychiatry journals.

Article collections

ASH 2017 article collection

Free access to a collection of high impact articles in hematology published by Elsevier.

High cited authors in China and their research on Infectious Diseases

A selection of top papers by authors based in China that were published in Elsevier’s journals in Infectious Diseases.

Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Highlighted Articles on Neurological Disorders

Trending topics in Infectious Diseases in China

A collection of trending articles in Elsevier’s infectious disease journals to put a spotlight on some of the most popular research today, with a focus on research coming out of China.

World Hepatitis Day 2017

A Virtual Special Issue featuring a range of cutting-edge hepatitis research across several journals.

World Pneumonia Day 2017

Special article collection on the latest research tackling pneumonia.

World Rabies Day 2017

Special article collection marks World Rabies Day, with theme 'Rabies: eliminating the epidemic'.

World Tuberculosis Day 2018

An article collection for this annual event that marks the date in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch discovered M. tuberculosis as the cause of TB.

World Malaria Day 2018

Special article collection on the latest research on Malaria.

Environmental allergies 2018

Recent environmental allergies research articles available free through June 10th, 2018.

Asthma research collection

Recent asthma research articles available free through July 10th, 2018.

Atopic dermatitis collection

Recent Atopic dermatitis research articles available free through August 31st, 2018.

Neurology articles selection

Access these articles for free from our most cited US authors.

World Anesthesia Day 2018

Selection of top articles from our anesthesiology journals.

Movember 2018

A collection of articles in recognition of Movember 2018