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Deep Femoral Artery
Cardiovascular System

Deep Femoral Artery

Arteria profunda femoris

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Quick Facts

Origin: Femoral artery.

Course: Descends in a medial direction.

Branches: Medial and lateral circumflex femoral and perforating arteries.

Supplied Structures: Adductor, extensor, and flexor compartments of the thigh, the hip joint, and the femur.

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The deep femoral artery originates from the posterolateral aspect of the femoral artery, approximately 3.5 cm inferior to the inguinal ligament.


The deep femoral artery descends laterally towards the femur, then travels inferiorly along the medial aspect of the femoral shaft. It descends deep to the adductor longus muscle. The vessel sits on, from proximal to distal, the pectineus, adductor brevis, and adductor magnus muscles. It then travels posteriorly where it anastomoses with the superior muscular branches of the popliteal artery.


In the proximal thigh, the deep femoral artery gives rise to the medial and lateral circumflex arteries. As it descends it gives muscular and perforating branches that pierce the adductor magnus muscle. It also has branches that anastomose with branches of the iliac vessels superiorly and with the popliteal arteries inferiorly.

Supplied Structures

The deep femoral artery is the main supplier to the muscles of the thigh, including the adductor, extensor, and flexor compartments. It also contributes to the supply of the femur and hip joint.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Femoropopliteal arterial occlusive disease

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Deep Femoral Artery

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