7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterial and Tissue


ElectroForceElectroForce® mechanical test systems by TA Instruments (formerly of Bose Corp.) are ideally suited for characterizing the mechanical properties of biomaterials, tissues, and medical devices. For nearly 20 years, ElectroForce test instruments have been used by scientists and engineers worldwide to advance  research programs to better understand tissue mechanics, develop novel therapies, and design innovative medical devices.  Providing unmatched performance and versatility, ElectroForce test instruments are available in a range of force capacities and can be configured with a variety of accessories including environmental chambers, an assortment of grips and fixtures, as well as secondary actuators such as torsion or extended stroke.  Our BioDynamic bioreactor series integrates mechanical stimulation and characterization within a sterile environment to support tissue engineering of three-dimensional tissue constructs. Visit our stand in Naupaka V-VI to discover how TA ElectroForce test instruments have revolutionized materials testing or see us online at: www.electroforce.tainstruments.com