7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterial and Tissue




BioNavis manufactures scientific instruments for layer characterization and surface interactions in the fields of new biomaterials,nanoparticles, biointerfaces, functional coatings as well as thin film manufacturing.

  • Measure and quantify kinetics of interaction of biomolecules with coatings or biomaterials
  • In nanobiology, MP-SPR measures from small molecules to living cells
  • True layer characterization: Quantify both key parameters - thickness and refractive index - simultaneously
  • Characterize nanolayers of metals, ceramics, polymers, organic materials, biomembranes and even nanocellulose or graphene
  • Measure and quantify materials from the single layer (3.7Å CVD-graphene) up to micron-thick layers (plasma spray coated hydroxyapatite)
  • Compare barrier properties of coatings
  • Measure in real samples such as 100% serum
  • From dry to wet – MP-SPR works in both environments and allows thus also dynamic measurements of swelling
  • Combine MP-SPR in situ with electrochemistry and fluorescence
  • Understand better what happens at the surface