7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterial and Tissue

Anton Paar

Anton PaarAnton Paar is the world leader in the field of material characterization of surfaces, rheology, density, concentration measurement and the determination of dissolved CO2.

Anton Paar (previously CSM Instruments) is leader in the development of instruments for advanced mechanical surface testing for over thirty years. Our mechanical surface products include Indentation Testers, Scratch Testers, and Tribometers of varying load ranges. Our focus on research and development helps us to continue our tradition of cutting-edge technology and superior performance specifications.

Relevant to ICoMBT, is our Bioindenter.  This instrument was developed to satisfy the needs of biologists and soft material scientists. This nanoindentation system is designed to test materials with an Elastic modulus in the range of ~5 kPa up to ~400 MPa. The Nanoindentation part of the system has been optimized to respond to the requirements of testing of soft materials in liquid with non-planar surfaces.

More info on www.anton-paar.com/corp-en/products/details/bioindenter-biounht/indentation-testing/
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