7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterial and Tissue

Welcome Note from Eduard Arzt, ICMOBT 2017 Chair

Mechanical concepts are vital for living systems, for their stability, flexibility, locomotion and survival. In the course of evolution, materials were identified that help organisms fulfill these various functions. From them, materials scientists draw special inspiration for their own engineering solutions. Likewise, humans have always sought new material concepts that assist them in overcoming their health limitations. The field of implant materials is now moving from static concepts to dynamic biomaterials that can adapt to stimuli from the living environment. It is an exciting time for biomaterial research.

The 7th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues (ICMOBT 2017) will bring together the different communities to discuss new materials concepts, their modeling and simulation, biological and biomedical functions, and finally applications of bioinspired designs. Do not miss this opportunity to meet the leaders in their field, while enjoying the great setting, the beaches and volcanoes. A truly creative environment!

We look forward to saying Aloha in Hawai’i!

Chair Prof. Eduard Arzt, ICMOBT 2017