The Reaxys PhD Prize is the leading prize for PhD students in chemistry around the globe. Since 2010, it celebrates talented PhD students and recent graduates doing original and innovative research in synthetic chemistry. It give access to a private network of 350+ talented chemists around the world.

2017 Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium:

The 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize 45 finalists were invited to present their research at the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium on 19-20 October in Shanghai. The 10 shortlisted candidates gave oral presentations and the the members of the Reaxys Advisory Board and PhD Prize coordinators deliberated at length. This year’s 3 winners were announced during the Symposium Gala Dinner

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The 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize 3 winners are:

  • Joshua Barham from the Murphy group, University of Strathclyde
    Presentation title: Contra-Thermodynamic Hydrogen Atom Transfer: The Selective N-CH3 Functionalisation of Trialkylamines
  • Moritz Malischewski from the Seppelt group, Freie University of Berlin
    Presentation title: Organometallic Chemistry in Superacids
  • Changchun Yuan from the Liu group, Sichuan University
    Presentation title: Total Syntheses of Bolivianine, Sarcandrolide J and Shizukaol D: Inspired but not Limited by Nature

From left to right: Changchun Yuan, Joshua Barham and Moritz Malischewski

From a field of hundreds of outstanding submissions and carefully reviewed by internationally renowned experts, 45 finalists are selected and invited to the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium. These finalists have the opportunity to present their work and the 10 shortlisted candidates selected to give 15-minute presentations. 3 winners are selected from these oral presentations by Reaxys PhD Prize Review Board.

The 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize 3 winners were:

  • Pascal Ellerbrock from the Trauner group, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
    Presentation title: Biomimetic Synthesis of Dibefurin and Epicolactone
  • Jamie Hicks from the Jones group, Monash University
    Presentation title: Utilising Extremely Bulky Amide Ligands to Stabilise Highly Reactive Two-Coordinate Transition Metal Complexes bearing Mixed Metal-Metal Bonds
  • Jiheong Kang from the Aida group, University of Tokyo
    Presentation title: Rational strategy for the realization of chain-growth supramolecular polymerization

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