The Reaxys PhD Prize (2010-2020)

The Reaxys PhD Prize was a prestigious award that recognized the accomplishments of early career chemists for their innovative and rigorous research. With the advent of the 10-year anniversary of the program and the complex challenges of the pandemic, we decided to retire the prize in 2021 after evaluating whether it was still the most effective way to support early career chemists.

We are investigating a new direction in 2022 to ensure we continue to support early career chemists by offering new ways to help increase research visibility, recognize talent, and provide opportunities to network with peers.

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A unique global competition judged by world-renowned chemists

The opportunity to join an exclusive community of chemists

The chance to present your research to an audience of your peers

An internationally recognized award for high-quality research

The Reaxys PhD Prize 2020

The Reaxys PhD Prize 2019 | Elsevier

Open to PhD students in the chemical sciences, the Reaxys PhD Prize is a great way to gain recognition for your research. Submissions are judged by the Review Board, a group of highly respected and internationally renowned chemists. Don’t miss your opportunity — make sure you have all the details on how to apply!

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The Reaxys Prize Club (2010-2020)

The Reaxys Prize Club | Elsevier

The finalists of each edition of the Prize receive lifelong membership in the Reaxys Prize Club, an exclusive international network of chemists from all research areas and career paths. With events and a private forum, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the 350+ members of the Club!

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Reaxys PhD Prize Community News

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This is the home for interviews and all articles related to the Reaxys PhD Prize. This is your chance to get to know more about Reaxys Advisory Board and Reaxys Prize Club members as well as seeing what's going on with the current edition of the competition.

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Reaxys PhD Prize winners talk about their unique career choices and share career advice for early-career researchers


Three 2020 Reaxys PhD prize winners talk about how they made bold career moves and see where it led them.
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Sustainable synthesis of chiral molecules


Dr. Ana García Herraiz, 2019 finalist of the Reaxys PhD Prize, is now a postdoctoral researcher at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. Find out more about her research, and what work has been like during the pandemic.
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The Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium

The Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium | Elsevier

Each edition of the Reaxys PhD Prize closes with the Symposium, where the shortlisted finalists present their research and the Review Board decides on the 3 winners. The Symposium is a celebratory gathering with special events, a keynote presentation, a gala dinner and of course, the awards ceremony!

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The Reaxys Advisory Board (2010-2020)

The Reaxys Advisory Board | Elsevier

The Reaxys Advisory Board members are all internationally recognized leaders in chemistry, visionary scientists and influential researchers. They are committed to cultivating the enormous potential and supporting the creativity and perspectives of outstanding young chemists and guiding the efforts of the Reaxys PhD Prize organizers.

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Our 2020 winners

These three early career chemists were awarded the Reaxys PhD Prize 2020 during a virtual Symposium which took place from Sept-30 to Oct-2 2020. They were chosen after each of the eleven shortlisted finalists gave 15-minute presentations describing the essence of their research. They proved to have all the skills and talent expected from a Reaxys PhD Prize winner.

Dr. Jianchun Wang

Dr. Jianchun Wang

PhD Institution: University of Chicago

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Guangbin Dong

Research submission: Designing New Cocatalysts for Palladium/ Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis

Mr. Rupert Proctor

Mr. Rupert Proctor

PhD Institution: University of Cambridge

PhD Supervisor: Dr Robert Phipps

Research submission: Development of catalytic enantioselective Minisci-type reactions

Dr. Keiichi Yano

Dr. Keiichi Yano

PhD Institution: University of Tokyo

PhD Supervisor: Professor Yoshimitsu Itoh

Research submission: Supramolecular Polymerization in Liquid Crystalline Media

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