Physical, Formal and Applied Sciences

Ahmed Zewail Prize in Molecular Sciences - visit award page

  • Professor William H. Miller - University of California, Berkeley, USA

Semantic Web Challenge - visit award page

Open Track challenge

  • 1st prize: "BOTTARI: Location based Social Media Analysis with Semantic Web", by Irene Celino, Daniele Dell'Aglio, Emanuele Della Valle, Marco Balduini, Yi Huang, Tony Lee, Seon-Ho Kim, and Volker Tresp
  • 2nd prize: "Seevl - mining music connections to bring context and discovery to the music you like", by Alexandre Passant
  • Honorable Mention: "The Linked Sensor Middleware - Connecting the real world and the Semantic Web", by Danh Le Phuoc, Hoan Nguyen Mau Quoc, Josiane Xavier Parreira, and Manfred Hauswirth

Billion Triples Track challenge

  • Winner: "SchemEX -- Web-Scale Indexed Schema Extraction of Linked Open Data", by Mathias Konrath, Thomas Gottron, and Ansgar Scherp

Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Chemistry - visit award page

  • Professor Dr. Manfred T. Reetz, Max - Planck-Institut fur Kohlenforschung

Social Sciences & Humanities

Paul Geroski Best Paper Award-visit award page

  • Juan Esteban Carranza - ICESI, Columbia
  • Brent Hickman - Department of Economics, University of Iowa, USA