Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund

The Elsevier Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund has been started to support events and activities that benefit individuals and groups within the mathematical sciences.
Details of the 2019 fund will be announced later in the year.


2018 winners

Iryna Fryz

Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University, Vinnytsia,Ukraine

My name is Iryna Fryz. I am from Ukraine. Still while being a student at Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky State Pedagogical University, I aspired to tie up my further activity with research work in Mathematics.

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Suvra Pal

University of Texas, Arlington, USA

Dr. Suvra Pal is currently an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at University of Texas Arlington in USA.

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Sandra S. Ferreira

University of Beira Interior (UE), Portugal

My name is Sandra S. Ferreira and I am Professor at the University of Beira Interior (UE), Portugal.

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Ana Djurdjevac

Free University of Berlin, Germany

My name is Ana Djurdjevac and I come from Serbia where I finished my bachelor and master studies at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

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Yuan Wang

Florida Atlantic University, USA

Yuan Wang received her Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University in 1990. Since then she has been with the Department of Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University, where she is currently a Professor.

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Cesar Ceballos

University of Vienna, Austria

Cesar Ceballos is a postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna who specializes in algebraic combinatorics and discrete geometry.

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Radouane YAFIA

Ibn Zohr University, Agadir, Marocco

My name is Radouane YAFIA from Morocco. I am a full Professor at Ibn Zohr University, Agadir since December 2006. I have my PhD in Chouaib Doukkali University in my country under the supervision of the Prof. Hamad Alaoui Talibi.

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Application process

This is an annual sponsorship, whereby an application needs to fall into at least one of three categories:

  • Young researchers - travel grants for conferences or workshops
  • Educational - educational activity aimed at promoting the mathematical sciences to young researchers, or educating the general public
  • Philanthropy - support for activities to advance mathematical sciences in developing nations

Submissions should be focused and well-defined, and address the following elements:

  • Objectives: Provide a description of the objectives and key activities of the program.
  • Goals and plan: A clear description of the program goals and implementation plan, including timeframe.
  • Budget: The total amount of the grant requested and justification for the requested amount, including a clear budget overview spreadsheet that indicates in as much detail as possible intended expenditures and other sources of funding, if any.
  • Organization and partnership: A description of the organization requesting the grant, confirmation of its status as a non-profit entity, and a listing of key officers and staff who will direct the implementation of the program. Description of key program partners, if any.
  • Impact: The significance of the program’s intended impact on the mathematical sciences research community or general public science, in that country or globally.

The sponsorship fund will not provide support for:

  • Conferences (these will be dealt with separately and conference organizers should continue to talk to their Publishing contact about this)
  • Religious or political causes (including lobbying)
  • For-profit organizations

Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed and correspondence on decisions will not be entered into.