Journal of Structural Geology Student Award

The Journal of Structural Geology presents the “Student author of the Year Award” each year to recognize the work of the newest contributors to our discipline, and to encourage the publication of their work.  The award is made for an outstanding paper in which the undergraduate or graduate student had a key role in the research and publication.

Journal of Structural Geology


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Application process

You can apply for the Journal of Structural Geology Student Award if you are younger than 35, and if the research presented in your paper is or has been carried out during the study for a BSc, MSc, PhD or similar degree. The paper must be submitted before or within one year of completion of the degree for which the research was carried out. The paper must have been written primarily by the student, based on their own research, and have only the minimum necessary input from supervisors. The student should be the senior or sole author of the paper.

If you wish to be considered for the JSG Student Award, please state this in your cover letter and give the following information:

  • Degree program for which the research was conducted
  • Date of completion of the degree
  • Name and email of supervisor(s)

Submissions are made at any time of the year and during the Summer the editors select papers that meet the criteria and then create a shortlist before selecting a winner.