JCIS - Darsh Wasan Award

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science The annual award was given for the first time in 2007, for outstanding contributions within surface and colloid chemistry.

About the award

Initially designated the "JCIS Award for Outstanding Life-time Achievements in Surface and Colloid Chemistry," the award has now been renamed the "JCIS - Darsh Wasan Award" in recognition of the achievements of the previous Editor-in-Chief during his twenty-two years of service.

Application process

Nominations for the JCIS - Darsh Wasan Award can be submitted by any author or co-author to papers published in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science during the two previous full years, but nominations must be supported by at least two such authors from different laboratories.

Nominations should include:

  1. A nomination letter, clarifying insight into research achievements of the nominee, with particular focus placed on conceptual novelty and breakthrough contributions, on scientific innovation and translation towards applications, and on impact of the work. (Note: 1) Providing a clear and convincing support letter is key for maximizing chances for the nomination. 2) Self-nominations will not be considered.)
  2. Support letters from at least one other scientist and Journal of Colloid and Interface Science author familiar with the work of the nominee. Such support letter(s) should come from a different laboratory than the nominating author.
  3. A short CV of the nominee (max 5 pages), including details on
  • Education, as well as previous and present positions
  • Assignments (e.g., company Boards and Advisory Boards, appointments in journals, leadership in larger initiatives, academy fellowships, key roles in important committees, etc)
  • Honours and awards
  • List of 20 most important publications, including papers in JCIS

(Note: No further information from the nominee will be considered.)

The Awardee will be selected by a committee consisting of the editors of the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, as well as two members from its Advisory Board.

Nominations should be sent as a single pdf file to Rob van Daalen, G.Daalen@elsevier.com. Questions on the award can also be directed to Professor Martin Malmsten, Editor-in-Chief, martin.malmsten@farmaci.uu.se.

The Awardee is expected to deliver a Plenary Lecture at the International Colloids Conference as well as a feature article manuscript on the award lecture, to be published in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, subject to peer review. The Awardee will receive a 2,500 EUR honorarium, free registration at the International Colloids Meeting, as well as travel reimbursement.