IJPP early-career award

The annual award was established in 2014 between Elsevier and the Paleopathology Association. It was set up to promote the work of young scholars presenting their work at the Paleopathology Association conference.

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Application Process

  1. The candidate must be a current member of the PPA who has not previously won an IJPP Early Career Award.
  2. The candidate must have the PhD in hand at the time of the PPA meeting (degree awarded, not merely the dissertation defended), and the meeting cannot be more than five years after the PhD completion date (e.g., degree awarded in 2010, and meeting up to, and including, 2015). That is, there is a five-year window immediately following the completion of the PhD degree.
  3. Papers can be multi-authored, but the candidate must be the first author and principal researcher.
  4. The candidate must present the paper or poster at the annual PPA Meeting (United States).
  5. The candidate (first author) must indicate on the Abstract Submission Form that the paper or poster is entered in the IJPP Early Career Award Competition when the abstract is submitted to the Scientific Program Committee.
  6. The abstract must be accepted by the Scientific Program Committee of the applicable meeting.
  7. The paper or poster must be an original contribution that has not been published previously, and it cannot have been presented at any other meeting prior to the PPA meeting. For this purpose, results presented in the PhD dissertation, and only that dissertation, are excluded from this requirement.
  8. A formal paper conforming to IJPP guidelines accompanied by the presentation materials (e.g., powerpoint slides and poster in small format) must be submitted in electronic format via email to the IJPP Editor and PPA President TWO WEEKS prior to the meeting. For clarification, submissions must be emailed by midnight Eastern Time (ET) two weeks prior to the first day of the PPA meeting (e.g., midnight Sunday if PPA sessions start on a Monday; ET = GMT – 5 hours). The deadline is firm.
  9. Competition judges consist of a combination of the PPA Board of Directors and the IJPP Associate Editors and/or Advisory Boards, and they are appointed by the PPA President and IJPP Editor.
  10. Competition judges will review all entries during the PPA meeting, and the competition winner will be announced at the close of that meeting.

Award and Ceremony

The prize is $250 and the ceremony will be held at the annual Paleopathology Association conference.