Global Award

Introducing the award

This award acknowledges the best student presentation of archaeological research in poster sessions. Student posters will be evaluated as electronic submissions made directly to the Student Poster Award committee.

Elsevier is sponsoring the Award from 2014.

Archaelogical Science

2016 Amy Fox

University of Toronto.

2013 G. Logan Miller

G. Logan Miller has earned the 2013 SAA Student Poster Award for his poster submission titled “Lithic Microwear Analysis of Hopewell Bladelets from Fort Ancient: Implications for Ritual Economy.” The poster presented a well-conceived research project that utilized microwear analysis on bladelets from various contexts, including domestic and ceremonial structure as well as other features. Wear patterns were compared to experimental tools in order to evaluate the potential materials that were worked at each locality. Within a ritual economy framework, he evaluated models of organization of production and exchange. From his microwear and contextual analysis, he concludes that ritual craft items were produced at earthworks. In addition, he suggests that different materials were worked at different group locations, which could reflect reciprocal exchange. This innovative research project provides a platform for future studies and contributes greatly to our understanding of craft production and exchange in Hopewell society. Elsevier is sponsoring the award from 2014. The committee selects student recipients for the Poster Award. The award is presented to recognize excellence in the dissemination of archaeological knowledge through a poster presentation. The award is designed to promote interest and acceptance of the poster in the dissemination of archaeological research, to increase the quality of poster presentations, and to acknowledge excellence in this valuable medium.

Committee members evaluate papers anonymously, scoring them on a scale of 1-0 based on the following two weighted themes: presentation of information (70%) and the originality and significance of research (30%). Posters that receive high scores for presentation of information will have excellent graphics with large fonts and images, nice backgrounds, and good readability from at least one meter, precise text, and logical flow to the information. Posters that receive high scores for originality and significance of research should have focused problems, innovative solutions, rigorous methodologies, and contributions to the theme of the session.

All student members of SAA in good standing whose poster abstract has been accepted by the SAA for the upcoming annual meeting are eligible to participate. All co-authors must be students, and the first author must be a member of the SAA. All co-authors receive the award.

The poster abstract must be accepted by SAA for the upcoming annual meeting. A student must be the primary author of the poster. The poster must be submitted to the Poster Award Committee Chair as an electronic entry.

Nomination/Submission Deadline: March 1, 2014

USD 250.