Global Award

Introducing the award

This is an annual award recognizing talented young researches in any of the areas central to topology. The award is linked to the journal Topology and its Applications.

New in 2013, and formally introduced at the 47th Spring Topology Meeting, New Britain, USA in March 2013.


Winner 2013

Inaugural winner of the prize announced 2nd September 2013 in Matsue, Japan is awarded to:

Dr. Logan C. Hoehn, Nipissing University, Canada.

Dr. Logan C. Hoehn attended the University of Saskatchewan, where he graduated in 2006 with a BSc honors degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and was awarded the Governor General’s Silver Medal for highest academic standing overall.

Logan obtained his MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. William Weiss. This of course makes him a mathematical descendent of Mary Ellen Rudin. His PhD thesis, ‘Non-chainable continua and Lelek’s problem’, was nominated by the mathematics department for the Governor General’s Gold Medal award, and for the Canadian Mathematical Society annual Doctoral Prize.

One semester before completing his PhD, Logan took on a Visiting Assistant Professor position at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for two years. He assumed his present position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario, Canada in July 2012.

Logan’s research interests include continuum theory, low-dimensional topology, and topology and dynamics in the plane.


An emeritus member of the organizing committee of the annual Spring Topology Meeting and an editorial board member of the journal Topology and its Applications, Mary Ellen agreed to lend her name in support of this award.

Application Process


The recipient will be chosen by a selection committee and will be at most one year away from completing his/her PhD or at most three years after his/her PhD.

Selection Process

The recipient will be chosen by a selection committee. Applications will involve a letter of nomination, two other letters of support, a letter from the applicant with a commitment to the award and the proposed plan.

To apply, send an email for further information to Alan Dow:

Award and Ceremony

The annual award consists of USD $15,000 to be used as following: $5000 to enable the winner to attend at least three major conferences in topology; $5000 to support travel and living expenses while on a visiting appointment at a leading research center; and a cash prize of $5000.