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Introducing the award

In 1996 the Journal of Complexity instituted an annual Best Paper Award to highlight outstanding research in the field.

The prize consists of three thousand dollars ($3,000) and a plaque.

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Thomas Müller-Gronbach, Klaus Ritter, Larisa Yaroslavtseva

2012 Winners:

Two papers were chosen as co-winners.
Committee: Mikhail Lifshits and Art Owen.

Co-Winner: Dmitriy Bilyk, V.N. Temlyakov, Rui Yu
Title: Fibonacci sets and symmetrization in discrepancy theory
Publication: February 2012

Dmitriy Bilyk
V.N. Temlyakov
Rui Yu

Co-Winners: Lutz Kämmerer, Stefan Kunis, Daniel Potts
Title: Interpolation lattices for hyperbolic cross trigonometric polynomials
Publication: February 2012

Stefan Kunis
Daniel Potts

Previous winners of the award


In 1996 the Journal of Complexity instituted an annual Best Paper Award to celebrate outstanding research. Each year a two person selection committee is chosen by the Editor-in-Chief and the senior Editors (Currently Erich Novak, Ian Sloan, Joseph Traub (EIC), and Henryk Wozniakowski).

A list of all the committees and the chosen papers and authors may be found on the Journal's homepage.

Application Process

A selection committee, which changes annually, choses the best paper out of all of the papers published in a given year in the Journal of Complexity. Every author who has a paper published in the journal is a candidate for the award in a given year.

For information on submitting a paper -

Award and Ceremony

A prize of three thousand dollars ($3,000) and a plaque is awarded to winning author/s. If a best paper has multiple authors, or more than one winning paper is chosen, the prize money is divided and each author receives a plaque.

Each year the names of the winners are published in the Journal. The award is presented at an appropriate conference/workshop in the field each year.