Global Award

Introducing the award

Thanks to the generous support from Elsevier, the Elsevier/OCDEM Annual Junior Research Prize ran for a 7th consecutive year. The competition was open to all graduate students & first year post-doctoral research assistants working in University of Oxford Departments in the fields of Diabetes, Endocrinology or Metabolism. Prizes were awarded in two categories: Basic Science and Clinical Science. Applicants were also eligible for consideration for the Elsevier/OCDEM Basic or Clinical Science Poster Prize.




We are delighted to announce that the winners of this years event are:

Caroline Gorvin won the Basic Science award with her title “A loss-of-function mutation in prolactin receptor (PRLR) causes familial hyperprolactinaemia”

Rajarshi Banerjee won the Clinical Science award with his title “Seeing and measuring OBESITY-INDUCED liver disease – the missing link in THE metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes”

Nicola Beer won the Poster award.

OCDEM 2013 Winners

Previous winners:

Dr Jana Rundle (basic science)
Dr Sarah Howles (clinical science)
Ms Hannah Richards (poster)

Dr Paul Newey (endocrinology)
Mr David Do (diabetes & metabolism)
Ms Mary Travers (poster)

Ms Katie Gaynor (endocrinology)
Mr Matt Rees (diabetes & metabolism)
Ms Fiona McMurray (poster)