Global Awards

Complementary Therapies in Medicine Early Career Researcher Award

Congratulations to Amanda Hall awarded the Early Career Research Award 2015 for the article

Does pain-catastrophising mediate the effect of tai chi on treatment outcomes for people with low back pain?
Amanda M. Hall, Steven J. Kamper, Richard Emsley, Christopher G. Maher
Volume 25, April 2016, pp. 61–66


“I am very honoured that my research study was selected for the early career research award in CTIM. This study was completed as a secondary analysis of my PhD work and I would like to thank and acknowledge my co-authors for their assistance and support on the study and during the publication process. It is important to me to continue to conduct and publish high quality research regarding the effectiveness and clinical applications of interventions to better inform their use in evidence-based healthcare; particularly for persistent musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain which is ranked as the leading cause of disability in developed countries globally.”

And congratulations as well for the runner-ups Juan Carlos Rueda Garrido and Yingjie Zhang for the articles

Acupuncture treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome: a randomized controlled trial
Juan Carlos Rueda Garrido, Jorge Vas, D. Rafael Lopez
Volume 25, April 2016, Pages 92-97

Treating low back pain resulted from lumbar degenerative instability using Chinese Tuina combined with core stability exercises: A randomized controlled trial
Shujie Tang, Xiuling Qian, Yingjie Zhang, Yuanmei Liu
Volume 25, April 2016, pp. 45–50