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Research for a Better World

Science impacts everyone's world. With over 1,800 journals publishing articles from across science, technology and health, our mission is to share some of the stories that matter. Each month Atlas will showcase research that can (or already has) significantly impact people's lives around the world and we hope that bringing wider attention to this research will go some way to ensuring its successful implementation.

With so many worthy articles published the tough job of selecting a single article to be awarded "The Atlas" each month comes down to an Advisory Board. The winning research is presented alongside interviews, expert opinions, multimedia and much more on the Atlas website.

We aim to showcase some of the articles that can make a real difference and hope you'll find this to be a valuable resource.

If you would like to refer to one of our stories in your blog post or news site, we welcome you to summarize it or quote a short passage, referring to Atlas and including a link back to our original post. We ask that you do not reprint the entire article online, with the exception of a translation, for which you can request permission.

If you would like to reprint the full story — as a translation or for a print edition, for example – please email us to request permission. Please include a link to the story and tell us where you intend to publish it. In some cases, additional permission will be required for copyrighted images. We are usually happy to grant permission, but we request that you ask.

When our content is republished offline, please notify us that it has been released and let us know how we can find it (for example, the book name or the name and date of the magazine).

Our writers have a wealth of experience in helping readers around the world digest the social impact of science and research.

Kendall Morgan

Kendall Morgan, PhD, is a scientist turned science writer via the Science Communication Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her work has been featured in publications including Big Science Media's Genome, Cancer Today, The Scientist, Science News, Science Now, and by organizations including Addgene and the Life Sciences Foundation. She lives in Durham, NC.

Lucy van Hilten

After a few accidents, Lucy van Hilten discovered that she's a much better writer than a scientist. Following an MSc in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology at Imperial College London, she became Assistant Editor of Microbiology Today. A stint in the press office at Imperial saw her stories on the front pages, and she moved to Amsterdam to work at Elsevier. She's now a freelance writer at Tell Lucy.