Mladen Savov

Position: Researcher

winner_m_savov_1Institution: New College, University of Oxford



Mladen Savov grew up in Bulgaria and finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Sofia, followed by his PhD in Mathematics with Prof. Ron Doney at the University of Manchester. Mladen currently is an Esmee Fairbairn Junior Research Fellow at New College.

Mladen's research lies within the field of probability theory and more specifically in Levy processes and Random Walks. These stochastic processes are very often used in physics, financial mathematics and genetics. His work is mainly theoretical but many of the questions he aims to answer can be related to particular applications. Recently he has started working on SDE driven by Levy processes and spectral theory of non-selfadjoint operators with the aim to further our knowledge of self-similar Markov processes.

Mladen has published 11 articles in a range of journals. View Scopus profile