Konstantinos Papadikis

Konstantinos Papadikis

Position: Researcher

Institution: Xi’an Jiatong - Liverpool University/University of Southampton



Konstantinos holds a BEng Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aston University and a MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick. He obtained his PhD at the BioEnergy Research Group (BERG) of Aston University. He worked in the University of Southampton as a Marie Curie Research Fellow for two years to enhance his research career. His research covers both academic and industrial needs. He has been working with Pyrogenesis SA on new product development and technology innovation for industry. Academically, he is currently a lecturer at the Civil Engineering department of the Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University.

Konstantinos' research interests revolve around computational modelling of multiphase flows and transport phenomena in chemical reactors for thermochemical conversion of biomass. Specifically, he has been involved in the development of a revised and integrated pyrolysis sub-model in general purpose CFD software, taking into account heat and momentum transport from the bubbling bed as well as intra-particle heat transfer and chemical kinetics of biomass. Recent work has been carried out in the development of a numerical model for the condensation of bio-oil inside water condensers and quenching columns. Other interests include the design, optimization and scaling of fluid-bed reactors, numerical code development for thermal deterioration of 3-dimensional wood chips undergoing pyrolysis, as well as computational modelling of bio-oil hydrodeoxygenation process and bio-oil production from the fast pyrolysis of algae.

Konstantinos has published 11 articles in a range of journals. View Scopus profile.