Angela Druckman

Angela Druckman

Position: Researcher

Institution: University of Surrey



After having raised her children, Angela launched her second career in 2002 by enrolling for a part-time MSc in Environmental Strategy at the Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES) at the University of Surrey.  She was awarded Distinction on completion in 2004 and in 2005 she joined  CES as a research fellow working in the Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) Waste Consortium. She then transferred to RESOLVE (the ESRC Research group on Lifestyles, Values and Environment) in 2006. During this time Angela was fortunate to work with Professor Tim Jackson, who was also the supervisor for her PhD, which she completed in 2008. In 2010 she was appointed Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation, again within the Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey. Angela's research focuses on exploring the linkages between lifestyles, energy use and carbon emissions in order to inform policies aimed at moving towards a low carbon society.

Angela's first degree was in Engineering which she read at Cambridge University. She achieved Chartered Engineer status through working in research and development in the field of electronics at GEC Hirst Research Centre, where she specialized in the hardware design of speech synthesis systems. Subsequently, before the launch of her career into the field of environmental sciences, Angela had a wide variety of experience, including lecturing in electronics at Kingston University, commercial sector management for a thriving IT company, and non-governmental advocacy on climate change for Friends of the Earth.

Angela has published 9 articles in a range of journals. View Scopus profile.