We work with partners to develop new approaches to big challenges.

We work in deep partnership with the global research and health communities. Working together is essential for tackling some of the biggest challenges facing our world today including those in health, research capacity building, and diversity. We also partner with the research community to improve technology, research integrity and research performance assessment.

Our partnerships in capacity building and open science

Capacity Building

We work with our partners to initiate mentoring programs, access initiatives, competitions and dialogue in all aspects of science and society.

Open Science

Here is a selection of our partnerships for enabling a more inclusive, collaborative and transparent world of research.

Our partnerships in sustainability

Global Health

Our health partnerships directly support organizations working to improve health outcomes worldwide through the innovative use of health information.


Our partners work with us to improve diversity and inclusion in STM, support underserved youth and provide opportunities for women scientists in the developing world.

Our partnerships in research

Research technology and data collaborations

We’re passionate about technology and data. Learn more about how the best research teams in the world are helping us to improve data search and to extract knowledge from publications.

Research integrity collaborations

Research teams around the world are helping us to improve education in research ethics, fraud detection software and tools for more reproducible science.

Research performance collaborations

Institutions want to get the most out of their researcher’ time and effort. In our partnerships with academic institutions, we’re developing better ways measure and predict research success.

Our partnerships in product development

Evaluation partners

You’re the ones using Elsevier products, so you should be the ones to tell us what you need. Evaluation partners are a critical part of our development cycle.