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Special Collections celebrating Nankai University’s 100th anniversary

Background: In 2019, Nankai University celebrates its centennial birthday. As one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China, Nankai University has undergone tremendous transformations in the past century, and now has 26 professional colleges and is among the array of national "double first-class" universities. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary celebration, Elsevier launched Special Collections to showcase the progress and breakthroughs led by Nankai University in the field of academic research.

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  • A comprehensive presentation of Nankai University's academic research achievements across scientific fields and disciplines
  • A visual representation of the impact and contribution of Nankai University in the scientific research industry
  • Multi-media + multi-channel promotion to expand the reach and increase the global visibility of Nankai University
  • Attracting outstanding talent, fostering innovative students, enhancing international collaboration, and promoting the development of world-class universities and disciplines

What we offer:

  • MOU signed to form a strategic partnership for Elsevier and Nankai University
  • A collection of highly cited papers from Elsevier premium journals, covering a wide range of subject topics
  • An in-depth analysis of Nankai University's research outcomes, driven by Elsevier's data analysis tools Scopus and SciVal, presented on a bilingual webpage combined with data and multimedia content
  • Interviews with distinguished alumni to explore the research experiences and perspectives of outstanding scholars at Nankai University
  • A variety of promotional activities to increase the visibility and the reputation of Nankai University in the field of academic research


Elsevier is delighted to continue its collaboration with Nankai University in its centenary year by presenting its influential research results to the world. By showcasing and promoting Nankai's research achievements and a collection of its highly cited research papers, Elsevier launched Special Collection to enhance the global impact of Nankai University.

  • Elsevier launched a special collection for Nankai University, covering the 123 highly cited papers published between 2014 and 2018 that have reached the top 1% of global citations. The special collection divides the 123 papers into 11 subjects and introduces the history, current status and research characteristics of each subject, presenting a comprehensive overview of the latest research findings from Nankai University in different fields with profound impact, and giving readers a glimpse of the current development of each discipline at Nankai University.
  • Nankai University research infographics highlight Nankai's distinguished alumni, publication and citation performance, Nankai University research trends, research topic prominence percentile and the global impact of publications and scholarships from 2016 to 2018.
  • A bilingual webpage showcasing Nankai University's research achievements, focusing on Nankai University's exceptional impact and academic performance, promoting the influential impact Nankai University has had in advancing scientific research.
  • Nankai University Scholar Interview Album: Through in-depth interviews with 17 outstanding scholars from Nankai University, the album brings forward the Nankai’s value in being " Patriotic, dedicated, innovative and sociable". Together, all the interviews tell the story of Nankai University's continuous innovation and achievements across research disciplines and fields.
  • Elsevier's official WeChat account launched a series of posts and promotional videos, which attracted huge amount of engagement of reading and sharing. With integrated online and offline marketing tactics, Elsevier adopted multimedia content such as videos, posters and printed brochures to promote Nankai University Special Collection. The collection webpage is presented on Chinese and global communication platforms, showcasing Nankai University's research impact and contributing to its international development strategy.

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Client feedback:

I am very pleased to see the Special Collection webpage published by Elsevier for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nankai University. The publication of the Special Collection is a wonderful opportunity to present to the academic community the outstanding research achievements Nankai University has accomplished in the past five years.

Elsevier has won a great reputation in fields like science & technology publishing, data analysis, and so on. Based on the various successful cooperative projects, Nankai University has established long-term and strategic partner relations with Elsevier. This Special Collection is one prime example of our good partnership. We really appreciate the time and effort Elsevier put into this collection.

Nankai University is permanently committed to achieving excellence in higher education and research. And conducting good researches and publishing excellent papers surely make an important part of this pursuit.

I believe the publication of this Special Collection will encourage our faculty and students to work harder and produce more excellent research results to reinforce our international academic reputation and broaden our existing cooperation with academic institutions as we head towards the next hundred years.

- Professor Xuetao Cao, President, Nankai University

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