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Strategic Services

Strategic Services helps organizations and professionals across the globe prioritize their needs, optimize their performance, craft their strategy, attract funding and talent, and achieve meaningful goals using information big-data based analytics and insightful expert-field based reporting.

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Case studies and examples

Strategic Services supports impactful science, technology, and policy goals for research leadership.

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We strive to answer the questions that modern R&D is facing in a complex, cross-disciplinary scientific environment.

Research leaders

  • “What are the emerging topics in my field and how do I find research partners in these early high-growth areas?”

  • “How does my discipline contribute to global challenges such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?”

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University leaders

  • “How do I allocate resources for a newly created lab to achieve its short, medium, and long-term goals?”

  • “What benefits might I expect from increasing corporate research partnerships at my institution, and how do I identify the right businesses to collaborate with?”

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Policy makers

  • “How do I assess and improve the connections between education, research, technology, and applications?”

  • “What does the local knowledge economy look like, and how do I leverage that landscape to transform my city into a leader in innovation?”

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Other stakeholders

  • “How do I position my institution to have the greatest impact on society, both at home and globally?”

  • “Are there opportunities to increase the impact of a particular research portfolio within the next 5 years?”

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We provide analytical consulting and reporting services based on:

  • Rich, curated data from Elsevier’s Scopus and Funding Institutional data bases, as well as LexisNexis PatentSight

  • Big-data analytics and advanced machine learning models to extract insight from millions of data points

  • Critical advice on the research and policy landscape from in-house domain experts across scientific disciplines

  • An understanding of local policy needs and the local research framework. Elsevier collaborates directly with policy makers such as China’s Ministry of Education CDGDC subject classifications

  • A dedicated team to work with you every step of the way, from defining a challenge to delivering a solution

  • Elsevier’s global marketing, network of journals, and partnerships to ensure a global reach for showcasing your success

Elsevier’s continued support based on analytical findings, your goals, and potential future collaborations such as conferences, events, journal partnerships, and more.

Strategic Services include:

  • Multilingual data-driven reporting with detailed analyses

  • Up-to-date dashboards for your specific needs

  • Customized data queries and APIs based on Elsevier’s databases

  • Integration and merging of customer data streams

  • Marketing and showcasing solutions

  • Option for distribution and dissemination of reports as open access content

  • Partnerships and synergies with other Elsevier services, such as conference hosting

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Strategic Services will help you:

Understand performance and set priorities

From benchmarking research impact to visualizing collaboration networks to evaluating funding landscapes, we have a solution for every problem

Demonstrate influence

On science, society, and important issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Promote strategic growth

Get highly customized action plans that are effective in helping you achieve your goals

Examples of Elsevier’s advanced analytics

1. Research excellence

Field-Weighted Citation Index of various countries over time

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reserch excellence infograph

2. Translational research and industry

Academic-Corporate (AC) Collaboration Rate of Nanoscience research by different countries, normalized by global AC collaboration rate

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 translational research and industry infographic

3. Human resources

Movement of UK researchers into and out of the country, as measured by publications affiliated with national and international institutions

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human resources infographic

4. Societal impact

Percentages of research related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that make sex or gender considerations

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Societal impact infographic

5. Connectivity and networks

Network of global nanoscience research, where nodes represent institutions and edges represent co-authored publications

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Connectivity and networks infographi cs

Case study

Find out how Elsevier collaborates with South China University of Technology Advanced Institute of Aggregation-Induced Emission on creating “Research trends and impact report on the field of Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE) 2001─2021”.

A systematic overview of the AIE field.

Case study

Find out how Elsevier collaborates with Xiamen University, Tan Kah Kee Innovation Laboratory on creating “Landscape and Development Trends of Energy Research”.

Overall view of China's Energy Disciplines.

Case study

Find out how Elsevier collaborates with China National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) on creating “Big Data Analysis of Nanoscience Bibliometrics, Patent, and Funding Data (2000-2019)”

Zooming in on the outputs and impacts of Nanoscience

There are more ways to showcase your research excellence:

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