Find, organize and share scientific literature instantly with QUOSA

QUOSA is an easy-to-use literature monitoring solution that automates workflows, optimizes efficiency and promotes patient safety.

With QUOSA, documents are stored and organized in a copyright-compliant, cloud-based environment, making remote access easy and secure. This drives scientific information usage and helps to control costs as duplicate purchases are eliminated. QUOSA even supports searches of leading subscription services including Embase, ScienceDirect and PubMed.


Pharmacovigilance - QUOSA | Elsevier Solutions

Get targeted, up-to-date product information and adverse event reporting to meet regulatory requirements. QUOSA helps you automate the process of monitoring and triaging articles in a scalable environment. It centralizes the discovery of critical adverse event information in various types of scientific literature.

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"We publish the virtual library results to QUOSA, which saves a great deal of time and produces search documentation." Donna Sees, Information Consultant with PharmIntell Consulting

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Donna Sees - QUOSA | Elsevier Solutions

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs - QUOSA | Elsevier Solutions

Stay up to date at all times by having direct and instant access to the latest pre-approved scientific literature so you can rapidly respond to client inquiries from anywhere. QUOSA gives medical affairs professionals access to central repositories of scientific literature that’s easily updatable and can be reached from remote desktops and mobile devices — so finding the right scientific information is quick and easy.
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Information Management

Information Management - QUOSA | Elsevier Solutions

Promote scientific information-sharing, bolster research workflows and save time by highlighting the most current data and reports. QUOSA is an easily-accessible, copyright-compliant archive structure. Count on it as a customizable end-to-end solution to meet your most demanding scientific information management needs without changing your existing workflows.
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